Community Nexus - What is this, and how can I help?

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Community Nexus - What is this, and how can I help?

Post by Nathan2055 » Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:33 pm

Hello there, my name is Nathan. I'm one of the managers for the Community Nexus project. Basically, this is a project to implement new features and content into the Nexus GUI. This project began in December of last year over at the Guild of Writers (the thread is at ... f=7&t=4910). At the moment, our plans are:

1. Implement categorization of UAM fan Ages
2. Add scroll bars
3. If possible, we may add a search feature
4. We will have NEW hood customization options, plus a grouping and membership system
5. We may edit the KI slightly to add new features concerning this project
6. There will be a "Public Neighborhoods" section containing all hoods set to public, for easy sorting and access

Most of these ideas are based of Tweek's proposed Nexus GUI. There is also wiki pages (they are at the Guild of Writers wiki because I haven't moved them yet); the main page, the master category list, and finally, the original floor textures. We will have open discussion here, feel free to add threads concerning the project. If you want to help, consider signing up for the Community Nexus usergroup in the User Control Panel.

Here is a brief overview of this project's history:
This project was originally began at the Guild of Writers as a brand new Age for players to access UAM fan Ages. There were many suggestions, such as an imager for info from admins, a public imager, a chalkboard, and a new feature-viewing Age screenshots from the Nexus machine. The Age was codenamed at the time as the "WNexus" (short for Writer's Nexus, though the project name was changed to Community Nexus to make sure people won't get the impression that this is a Nexus just for Age developers, although WNexus remained the codename). The project continued work, but many people thought that areas in D'ni should remain in the Nexus for canon reasons. This caused a major argument, but Age production didn't stop. Floor textures were made, ideas circulated, and then....the project stopped. No one posted. Aloys brought the topic back to life, and discussion continued. After open source, I asked Tsar Hoikas (Councilor of Technical Direction for the Guild of Writers) for a project subforum. He refused, stating that this it duplicates game functionality (the Offline KI plugin replaced "Personal Links" with "Restoration Links", for UAM fan Age access. I asked the admin here at OpenUru for a project forum, he said yes after reviewing the project thread at the Guild of Writers.

Thank you very much for looking!
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