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Suggestion: Who's On Duty Widget

Post by Marten » Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:22 am

This is inspired by a discussion I had with Nev'yn...

Without a 24/7 presence of Greeters in-cavern, and with no schedule, that leaves those of us who encounter new and lost players in a bit of a bind. We'd like to be able to direct people in need of assistance to the Greeters 'Hood, but at the same time, we don't want to send people there without some sort of assurance that help will be there. Sending a new player off on a "wild goose chase" just doesn't seem like the fair or right thing to do.

Nev's original idea to address this was for Messengers to keep track of the active Greeters so we could tell which Greeters (if any) are online at a moment in time, and thereby know if it was safe to send someone over to the Greeters 'Hood or arrange some other meeting place. But, this idea created some challenges of its own...
  • someone would have to keep up to date on who is and isn't an active member of the greeters and maintain a list
  • all participating members would have to maintain tracking through their BUDDIES lists to match the master list
  • it wasn't clear how well this idea would scale beyond the Messengers, to include other non-Greeters who wanted to be of some assistance
  • there would be no distinction between 'online' and 'active', so we'd have to use PMs to ask Greeters to see if they were available
After thinking on this a bit more, I countered with the thought that I'm proposing here.

Who's On Duty

What if the NGs had some sort of widget that showed which greeters are online and on-duty?
  • Greeters could "clock in" and "clock out" at the beginning and ending of duty time.
  • Anyone else could go to a web page and see, at a glance, who is on duty at that moment and the KI #s.
This would allow anyone who wants to direct lost players to the Greeters to do so more effectively, and we could avoid sending players off to an empty 'hood and a disappointing experience.

I know this would create a tiny bit of extra work for the Greeters... you'd have to remember the clocking in, clocking out part. But maybe we could automate that to a point with a custom CWE build, too. I think there are some possibilities here, and I am curious for input from others.
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Re: Suggestion: Who's On Duty Widget

Post by Trekluver » Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:31 pm

This is a great idea; a very thought out one as well. I might be able to coax OHB into making such a widget for the site that displays which greeters are IC based on which one's are on OHBot's buddies list. This would work great, so that Nev would only need to direct players to the site to see who's on. He might also be able to make it display greeters outside the NGs as well. I'll PM him about it and see what he says.
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Re: Suggestion: Who's On Duty Widget

Post by TomVal » Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:47 pm

If there was OHBot(v2) in the hood, it would just suffice to meet him to get this done. More on this in a separate topic.

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Re: Suggestion: Who's On Duty Widget

Post by Doobes » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:32 pm

I talk with OHB infrequently on Skype. I'll ask him about it as well.
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