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Post by angelmyst17 » Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:54 pm

After several months of observation I have come to a few conclusions.
1. If we are really wanting to keep URU alive, we as Greeters are going to have to become more active.
2. We must be available in the newest hood created a couple times /day.
3. There are sometimes 4 new hoods created / day, unfortunately this does not translate to new players.
4. We must learn to quickly recognize 3 things:
a.Secondary avis: Normally a person coming into the hood with a secondary avi will head straight to Gahreesen, and unless they are someone who is on your buddy list, and is a close bud, they will not acknowledge your greetings.
b. Griefer avi: These are all too common. If you look at time index on the viewer containing hood members names you will see a pattern. An avi who comes in 1x and never returns followed by a quick succession of 1x avies. Wish there was some way we could stop this...it is verrrrry irritating.
c. A REAL newbie. I have found that there are many newbies who have NEVER heard of Myst. They have no idea about the history of this place...and they have no idea what to do. These newbies probably found the site stumbling around the internet and are curious. If we as greeter handle these folks right we can get a whole new batch of URU ites...lol
5. For these new visitors to the Cavern, I have made my own help notes in my KI to give them. They are not spoilers. They are helps with basics.
a .KI functions
b. knowing what the book room books are...generally.
c. GZ.
d. Buddy list.
e. Creating personalized Hoods.
f. Inviting buds to hood/ ages.
6. I have created my own personal challenge to my newbies. I have sent a picture of my favorite place ( you will have to ask me in the Cavern what it is) and asked them to send me a picture of it when they find it.
7. We MUST be personable. People do not want to be BOTTED to death. I love the bots, but for newbies, they need real people. I have a personal sketch KI note of angelmyst, that I sent to newbies after they get their KI, and when they seem interested in the journey, so they can know me a bit.
8. People love tours. I have given city tours, hood tours and relto tours. I have found that a newbie LOVES to see a complete relto...the first word I get from a newbie when I take them to my relto is, WOW. They get a taste....and they want to complete their relto.
9 If you as a Greeter are hanging out in the city, you have probably lost newbies...people who have gotten bogged down in the newly formed hood...before they have even found the KI. This goes for hanging out in Greeters Hood as well. Newbies need to be met at ground level.
10. We must remember, not everyone loves this place like we do.... we must teach them to love it...show them we love it.

I hope this encourages my fellow greeter so get out there some more...to be more interactive with our communities newest members.
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Re: Observations

Post by Trekluver » Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:45 pm

Sorry I missed this post! I had been following the one on the MOULa forums about this and must have overlooked this one.

Since points 2 through 10 were mostly discussed in full over there, I think I should address point #1. Ad that's this: I completely agree. While life seems to get away us away from the cavern sometimes (as has happened to me), I hope this will become less of an issue in our future. If the community is to stay strong, as well as this guild, we must be willing to be there ween needed.

2013 is another year, so let's make it the year we work together even more to get things done.
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