All Guilds Meeting - March 3rd, 2012 Minutes

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All Guilds Meeting - March 3rd, 2012 Minutes

Post by Trekluver » Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:11 am

An archive of the chat log can be found here. While I was once again absent, Doobes and TomVal were both present to represent our guild. Special thanks to the Guild of Messengers, once again, for their copy of the chat log!

You can get your own copy of The Cavern Post - Issue 2 here.

From the Guild of Messengers:
Another month and another informative All Guilds Meeting has come and gone. Our usual gathering in Kirel had a lot of familiar faces, as well as some new ones. For those that couldn't attend, we have our usual offering of chatlogs, both raw and cleansed.

Here's a rundown of the meeting:

H'uru/Guild of Writers

Adam "Hoikas" Johnson and Branan took to the stage to update everyone on the progress of the Gehn shard and its latest updates. One notable addition that was included in Gehn version 5 is the ability to copy and paste text directly into the KI! Their recent launch party/stress test for their server proved very successful and they were able to find and fix some issues because of it.

Mac and rarified (JWPlatt was unable to attend) were up next. With the first successful integration of their Minkata shard's fixes to Cyan Worlds' own MOULa shard (including the Minkata calendar spark fix), they predicted that future updates would be accepted by Cyan much more smoothly now that the process of submitting fixes has proven to work. Like the H'uru team, they also had an event to put their server to the test, which yielded some positive results. The team thanked all those that participated and are continuing to work to fix more bugs. The team pointed out that further Minkata shard updates would be mentioned as they happen in a specific forum thread.

Annabelle's Marker Quests

Certainly no stranger to the AGM, Annabelle presented the lastest on her marker quests. She talked about the release of her latest quest, called The D'ni Cavern, which would encompass Kirel, the neighborhoods, all five Guild pubs, the Great Zero and K'veer. It was also mentioned that she will do custom marker missions for explorers upon request but that they may take awhile to finish due to her other work. She then described a story-driven game she was working on called inXistenZ, which is in French, with an English version to come later.

Guild of Messengers

The yellow shirts were next to present. Leonardo spoke about KI mails (kept up-to-date by the ever-helpful Nev'yn), including a new one in the works that details how to handle griefers taken from a recent forum thread. He also introduced the newest Messengers: Ron Landry and Dagnarus, the lastest additions to the translation team. Lunanne then came up to describe the content in the recently-released issue 2 of The Cavern Post.

Guild of Russian Translators

Finally, Dagnarus and Guild of Translators (the avatar) spoke about their new Guild of Russian Translators, a group that would hopefully unite the Russian explorers of the community under one roof. They even spoke in Russian directly to those they wanted to welcome and encourage to join.


A happy ending note to the meeting was that the CAVCON is still sitting at 4, but we at the GoMe encourage all to keep donating to help it stay that way so that we can continue with updates and fixes to the game and keep the MOULa server up and running.

See you all next month!
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