All Guilds Meeting - May 5th, 2012 Minutes

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All Guilds Meeting - May 5th, 2012 Minutes

Post by Trekluver » Sun May 06, 2012 2:15 am

Another AGM came and went. CJ Herkeless, Doobes, and Myself were at this month's All Guild Meeting representing the guild full form. This one was rather long guys, clocking in at about two and a half hours!

The chatlog from the event can be found here.

A multitude of things were discussed, including:

Annabelle's Newest Marker Quests - Available next week!

The Guild of Sleepers Birthday/CAVCON Party

The Open Cave's Newest Changes and Wall Party Announcement

Trekluver's ADBMM and Online Mysterium Updates and New Greeters News and Updates Updates on Minkata Shard - New Updates are being considered and sent to Cyan. Please commit any new code very soon. Cyan's deadline to have the finished and tested code in is May 21st!

Guild of Messengers Updates - The Guild of Messengers are making some changes to their Magazine structure, as well as their website. Please follow their website for further updates.

That's it for now. Check back again in June for the next All Guilds Meeting update!
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