ADBMM - Starry Expanse Interview - May 19th, 2012 Minutes

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ADBMM - Starry Expanse Interview - May 19th, 2012 Minutes

Post by Trekluver » Tue May 22, 2012 3:08 am

Immediately following the Rand interview at this past Saturday's Cavern Mysterium, Zib from the Starry Expanse Project gave us a fantastic interview where he covers such topics as:

- Why their donation bar has gotten soooo long :)
- Estimated development time remaining
- Whether or not the cart was going to show up at this year's Mysterium
- How wildlife would react differently than in the original game
- How day/night cycles would work in conjunction with the player's play choices
- And so much more!

A chatlog from this event is available here.
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