All Guilds Meeting - July 7th, 2012 Minutes

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All Guilds Meeting - July 7th, 2012 Minutes

Post by Trekluver » Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:41 am

Yet another AGM has come and gone. Trekluver and angelmyst were there to represent the guild in full force. :)

The chatlog from the event can be found here. (Courtesy of the Guild of Messengers; original version can be found here.)

A multitude of topics were discussed, including: updates - Mac and rarified discussed the recent changes to Minkata, and talked a little bit about rarified's encounter with the Waldo Canyon Wildfire (Of which his family and house were thankfully spared!). Rarified also mentioned the need for community "communication and evangalism" regarding OpenUru projects and events, and reminded community members to help with the organization and progress of OU projects whenever they can. Trekluver also chimed in to add that, since the New Greeters are also a member of OpenUru, the GoNG's calendar services are available to all of OpenUru and the community at large to help aid in this area a bit.

Lyrositor's Updates - Lyrositor discussed his newest project: the spiritual successor to OHBot, Lyrobot! (He's OHB approved for those who are wondering!) Lyrobot is a fully functioning cavern bot, with a full web interface, including new features like cavern chat and the Lyroscope, that will be available to the public following a beta testing period. Beta testing is available now; those interested should contact Lyrositor for more information.

The Guild of Instructors - Uru player shokhootahn Rehn introduced the Guild of Instructors' D'ni Language Lessons classes. These classes will begin on July 16th and the first two sessions will run back to back, at 9:00 KI time and 23:00 KI Time respectively.

Guild of Messengers Updates - Doobes, Lyrositor, and Musica, representing The Guild of Messengers, once again gave a monthly update, which included info regarding their newly released "The Cavern Post 2.0", as well as new members who have joined their guild.

That's it for now. Check back next time, when we bring you the next All Guilds Meeting update!
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