All Guilds Meeting - September 1st, 2012 Minutes

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All Guilds Meeting - September 1st, 2012 Minutes

Post by Trekluver » Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:39 pm

An archive of the chat log can be found here.

From the Guild of Messengers:
After a bit less than a month, we are back for reporting on the All Guilds Meeting! Since we had the last AGM less than a month ago and it's been summer for most of us, this time, the AGM was not so full, but it still had its informative contents.

Here is the chat log, as usual in our two formats: raw and cleansed.

And the Summary:

Alien came on the stage to ask everyone to send her their KI marker Quests in an attempt to create what seems like a Marker Quests Repository avatar probably, Alien did not give a lot of details of her plans.

Lyrositor updated us on the situation of Lyrobot. He hasn't been able to work on Lyrobot's code in the last month, but he has been planning some new additions: requested commands to control other creatures, existing commands improvements. He has also added a forum on Lyrobot's website to discuss and make suggestions.

The GoMe has been working on The Cavern Post and on Uru2U. Just today, they have published two new Articles in their magazine, one from Alien about K'veer, and the second article of the series Max is writing about the modern history of the cavern. Uru2U, their video project, has been progressing under the lead of Ahlisendar. the GoMe reminds everyone that anyone can participate in our projects, even if you're not a Guild Member!

Rarified updated us on the status of In the last month, a new update was put in the Minkata Shard with some consistency fixes (Great Zero glass and Linking Books), the fix that gives one the ability to move their cursor outside the Uru game window while playing in windowed mode (which has some strange behaviours that should be tested). Looking at the GoW's notes, the OpenUru team has also been able to find a fix for when Uru forgets your password (when you request to save it at the login screen).

CAVCON right now is at level 3, which means we need some more funds if we want Cyan to be able to pick the next pack of fixes from and publish it on MOULa.

See you all next month!
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