Minkata Shard Update May 15, 2017 -- Build #121

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Re: Minkata Shard Update May 15, 2017 -- Build #121

Post by Mac_Fife » Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:58 am

All the Skydiver/MarkerEditor specific commits in that repo are Lyrositor's. Everything before that, up to and including Christian's last commit is "standard" client stuff.
Non-standard clients need someone to maintain them; it's not in OU's remit (nor Cyan, nor I suspect H'uru) to maintain compatibility with clients they didn't build. That said, no-one has intentionally introduced changes knowing that they'd break third-party clients, but even in the best case scenario, those clients will need to be rebuilt periodically, if for no other reason than to bump the reported build ID to stop the servers rejecting the client (e.g. if new content gets added - I'm not clear on exactly what circumstances will cause Cyan to update the ID; the last couple haven't changed it for some reason).
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Re: Minkata Shard Update May 15, 2017 -- Build #121

Post by Annabelle » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:28 pm


it might sound a bit weird but... can someone like myself be able to do the changes?

I mean I'm not a complete idiot, I can manipulate codes as long as I have some directions.

What do I need? They are announcing a "beautiful" rainy & cold first summer weekend. I'm figuring out that I could maybe use that wonderful time to something of my interest.
1) a decompiler: which one should I be using?
2) insert the code in the appropriate sections. Since MOULa code is in python, I suspect I can use simply PlasmaShop 3.0 Beta (Build 167), right?
3) a compiler: is decompilation/compilation done on the same application or do I need to use another one?
4) maybe you will want me to subscribe to bitbucket to make sure I note down every steps I made & review my nifty additions (principle of open source)

Now if you say, please do not attempt that, I won't.

But looking at this link here, it doesn't look too overwhelming... (taken from latest Mac_Fife's Post on MOULa Forum board in Technical Discussion subsection)
https://bitbucket.org/OpenUru_org/mouls ... n-the/diff
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