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Welcome! Guild of Healers Forum on OpenUru

Post by ghaelen » Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:40 am

The Guild of Healers is a restored group based on one of the original eighteen guilds in D'ni. While we know very little about the original Guild history, we do know that the Healers were responsible for the overall health and medical needs of the residents of the Cavern. Our tools are far more limited than were those of the original Guild; we do not have their medicines, recipes, techniques, or theoretical approach to study. in addition, we have very little guidance from historical records or artifacts that direct our current activities. What we do know is that a Healer, in any sense of the word, creates an environment or resource designed to benefit the well-being of others around them. Our goal is to provide places, spaces, events, and gatherings that foster unity and wholeness through self-awareness experiences. We encourage wellness, balance, creativity, intuition, tolerance, and spiritual exploration without promoting any specific religious, medical, psychological, or philosophical perspective on the D'niverse. We do not pretend to heal anyone, but make available a space and time for self-healing to become possible.

Because most of our work is done within groups that gather together in the Cavern or in other worlds, we have found that discussions seem greatly lacking in the forums. Healing, in general, is a deeply personal activity that sometimes requires nothing but silence and a safe space. Few people are comfortable sharing the process of this intimate journey in a public forum. Nevertheless, we also find it helpful to have a central location for announcements about activities, events, creativity, and accomplishments. A space such as Open Uru provides a space and an audience for that information.

Our standalone Guild of Healers' forum will be archived for as long as possible. What becomes of it is for future guild discussions -- for now we'd like to continue posting about our current events and activities around the D'niverse and Metaverse in general.

If you are not able to post in this forum, please join the Guild of Healers group. If you are, please post in theAnnounce Your Safe Arrival Thread. That will tell us all you are here :)

Thanks for your interest!
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