Getting Up and Going Again

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Getting Up and Going Again

Post by ghaelen » Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:11 pm

Reached another milestone in RL - something exciting, bittersweet, happy, sad, but in the end the very thing I've worked to have for a long time. Radio KGOH is back up and ready to broadcast; it is now also KRHI Radio (Sponsored by the Revnekan Institute of the Healing Arts- Revnekan Healing Institute or RHI for short). I felt this partnership (part of the 'story') was a positive step because explorers are all over the Metaverse now and the healing arts work best when offered inclusively and metaversally. Small steps to reviving the healing events - lots of forum threads to read, I need to get caught up on the condition of the Healers' Hood in the Cavern, remodel the Healing Gardens (SL and Kitely), and I am working on a schedule that will integrate with RL deadlines. Oh yes, and then there is Obduction - keeping my eyes on that as I am certain healing will be needed there....

I look at the date and I really can't believe so much time has passed. But it has, and the whole of it was spent crossing one bridge after another, created new roadways, and following the correct fork in the road (which is not always the right one). ;)

Anyway, new activities coming soon.
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.... those things that are conceived in unity are going to work...."

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