An Unexpected Meeting

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An Unexpected Meeting

Post by Garrett Powell » Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:40 am

Shorah fellow explorers. I do hope you all can forgive my lack of updates. In September of last year, my computer unexpectedly decided it would no longer remain indentured in my service. While it happened to take sometime for me to purchase a new one, I'm more than ready to continue providing updates for the foreseeable future. :)

Since my last update, I was asked to head up several Restoration teams. Chief of these was the team looking to scout the Tijali Mines. We were initially setback, due to the heavy amount of rubble surrounding the mine entrance. According to the DRC's old records, in 1999 a 4.0 magnitude earthquake rolled through the cavern, causing damage to some key areas, including the mines. Because of this, we were forced to drill through the rubble in order to reach the main plaza. At the expedition's conclusion, we were able to provide a good report to Restoration leadership concerning the state of the mines. Restoration work in the mines is tentatively set for the 2014-2015 work period.


Even though heading a team into the Tijali Mines was certainly a highlight of my work in 2012, it does not top the unexpected meeting I became a part of in December of last year.

Early that month, Chris Summers called me in to ask a favor. He had been in contact with Dr. Watson concerning a transfer of data relating to the Bahro from the DRC. Chris, who still holds his own sentiments toward the DRC, asked me to go in his steed. I told him I would gladly go and, on the 14th of December, the meeting became official.

Over the course of several hours, Dr. Watson and I discussed a myriad of topics ranging from the data transfer to the perceived lack of leadership during his years at the DRC. I could tell that the later topic in particular troubled him, so I assured him that even though things may not have gone smoothly in the past, the Restoration would continue on in the DRC's place for as long as the spirit to do so thrived.

After our chat, I asked him to translate a couple words into D'ni for me. The Restoration's translation team had found a couple of particularly perplexing words in the lexicon, and needed some outside assistance in providing proper translations. Dr. Watson, being a notable expert on the language, was of course the best person to assist.

According to the good doctor, these words are translated as follows:

te-mah - <tema> - v. to hear
tsay-lee - <xAlE> - v. to listen (intently)

After thanking the doctor for his time, we parted out separate ways.


Relating to the restoration's other work, I can gladly report that the restoration of Mechanical Age is moving ahead of schedule. Lenny reports that restoration on the main fortress should be completed by early August, with the restoration of the surrounding islands to be completed shortly thereafter. Due to the opening in 2013's schedule, Lenny has proposed a ship building project to leadership; once completed, the proposed ships would allow fellow explorers to begin exploring and mapping the rest of the age lying just beyond the fortress. While the Restoration leadership appeared to be very receptive of the idea, they have not yet provided an answer. They are expected to do so in mid spring.

That's all the news I have to provide at this time. If anyone has any questions for me, feel free to ask and I will try to respond in a timely manner (or as the cavern's internet access allows). :) Chevtee.
Restoration volunteer and cavern go-to guy.

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