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Re: Randomness thread

Post by rarified » Wed Dec 25, 2013 6:36 pm

Happy Holidays to our gentle Janaba, Treehugger, and all of the Uru community!

I may have been preoccupied at times this year with other matters, but I'm always grateful for your support, both for the Open Uru project as well as for my welfare.

May 2014 be prosperous and joyful for you all.

One of the OpenUru toolsmiths... a bookbinder.

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Re: Randomness thread

Post by janaba » Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:46 pm

Hi, everyone, I was just watching and listening to an interesting video message or discourse on 'Expansion', which came in today, and suddenly my attention went to here lol as it came to me as a reminder of LC's latest party in the Watcher's Pub, which you too attended, rarified, where we were all pondering this specific subject besides others of course, and even though this video is highly spiritual, I usually avoid to occupy myself with speculations, I want the real stuff, the real Truth lol (and what is spirituality, it is actually mostly based on simple physics, and it is our nature), it is presented in a very understandable, reasonable and interesting way, but if you or anyone here doesn't like it or so, just dismiss it ... :P

Of course, in the first place I thought to use the opportunity at the same time to ask how everyone, and esp. you, rarified, are doing and faring here in OpenUru land and in your lives, and just say hello and send you all my best wishes, blessings, love and light ... Keep up the good spirits, relax and have fun as much as possible and take care rarified and everyone ... :D

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