International Hood's Opening Day April 23rd in MOULa

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International Hood's Opening Day April 23rd in MOULa

Post by Max » Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:15 pm

As announced recently in MOULa at the April All Guilds Meeting, the 'New'
International Hood's Opening Day will happen on Saturday April 23rd!

This Event will be an All Day Event! So hopefully as many as possible can take part at some
point, from all around the World!!! For further Info have a look at this Forum Posting...

Music will be streamed trough the event, and that will be reflecting the continents and many parts
of the world and different groups of people we have in MOULa! You can still help out with suggestions
for music and we might even play some requests, if you leave them at least a few days in advance.

IF you wish to help out in any way, get in touch with Snickuster or me, Max. Magic Joker
& AlanDJ has so far signed up do the Streams. But there could be use for a few more!!!
So please get in touch with any of us mentioned above, IF you wish to help out with that!!!
We still have a few meetings to do and decide all the final details. But any kind of help
would be appreciated!

Lastly, here is a suggestion on how the Music is planned to run during the duration of
the event, from what parts of the World during each approx. 2 hour set...

# 1... xx:xx to 10:00 KI Time [tentative TBD depending on interest to participate]
// Parts of Russia, parts of Eastern Asia, Australia //
Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, eastern parts of Russia, South Korea

# 2... 10:00 to 12:00 KI Time [tentative TBD depending on interest to participate]
// Parts of Western Asia, central parts of Russia, eastern parts of China... //
Bangladesh, Eastern China, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan

# 3... 12:00 to 14:00 KI Time
// Western Russia, parts of Eastern Africa, the Middle East ... //
Belarus, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Russia, Tanzania

# 4... 14:00 to 16:00 KI Time
// Scandinavia, most parts of the whole Europe, parts of Central Africa... //
Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, almost all of the central European Countries
and the Balkans, Greece and Turkey. South Africa.

# 5... 16:00 to :18:00 KI Time
// All of UK, Western Africa and also double-time for all of the above //
Capo Verde, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom

# 6... 18:00 to 20:00 KI Time
// Parts of eastern South America //
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile etc.

# 7... 20:00 KI Time to whatever and double-time for all of the above
// All of the Caribia. East Coast USA to West Coast. Canada and rest of South America
Canada, Cuba, Mexico, USA, all of the West Indies...

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