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Resurrecting a Neighborhood in MOULa

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:03 am
by Theo1728
In November 2015, Zeke365 founded Developer's' Hood, a public hood to serve as an environment for Age creators to meet to hone their skills.

Zeke left us a few weeks ago, and in his wake the care of this Hood has fallen to me. What was Zeke's vision for this Hood? An environment to hone skills, yes, but beyond that functionality provided by the Guild of Writers' Hood? We don't know. I have a vision for this Hood though: I think it should be a showcase for Fan Age efforts and a point of coordination for expeditions and tours.

In order to showcase Fan Ages in the manner I'd prefer, I'd like to be able to post graphics from those Ages in the Developer's' Hood imager.

I don't yet know how to bring outside images into the KI system. If anybody reading this knows how it is done, please tell me.

Expeditions? That is a target! Organizing events in the Shards to explore the more exceptional Fan Ages is an activity that I'd like to make an objective of this Hood.

Fan Age Tours is another objective, if I can find any actual developers who are willing to conduct tours of their Ages for our members and visitors.

... And maybe this hood will become a tech clearing house too, but if so it will start with support for getting explorers access to Uru Shards.

Obelisk KI #6735056