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Domain Development Forum (nee Administration & Management)

Post by admin » Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:28 am

This forum has been opened to demonstrate's commitment to its policy of inclusion; being open and eschewing hierarchy as much as possible. The discussions here have been sitting unused, as you can see, since December 10, 2008. That is because Cyan Worlds announced Uru would go open source two days later and the intended course of changed with the news. I am happy with the approach we were taking even then as I review the posts. It was a private forum, but Tai'lahr and Jamey have given their okay as well. The posts are now open to review, completely unchanged, and the forum is available for member use with a transparent administration.

That said, this forum is only for matters of administration and management not already covered under the Resources & Tools forums. It is my hope that this forum will be used in favor of PMs so that everyone can see and learn from the process under a tone of civility and respect.

While the administration of desires to be transparent and open to all members, it does not prescribe the policies of resident projects. Projects specify their own policies and will not interfere so long as they act lawfully and within the domain rules. It should be understood that some projects might need secrecy to protect the investment of their efforts.

If you have a complaint, please put it in the form of a constructive request instead so that it is clear what you want, and that what you want is not to simply complain, but to contribute.

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