Required reading for would-be project managers

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Required reading for would-be project managers

Post by Dot » Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:19 pm

OK, the title is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it might be helpful to have a thread for those of us who don't use forums or wikis in a professional RL context to discuss and hopefully begin to understand how OpenUru might be a little different from other Uru fan-based forums we are used to.

Here's my initial take on this. Please correct any misunderstandings, and add your own thoughts or experiences.

The intention is that everything is done out in the open (see Forum Ideas). So:
  • Discussions about setting up projects etc. would be done in the Suggestions open forum rather than via pms or ims between potentially interested individuals (which is how I've done things in the past, on GoMa for example).
  • Once the project has been set up but before it goes 'live', discussions between those designated 'Managers' for the project and general admin for OpenUru would best happen in this forum rather than flooding said individuals' im boxes ( :oops: guilty as charged) -- see the Administration & Management Forum preamble.
Poor admin. He has tried so hard to make explicit the thinking and management behind the OpenUru set-up in this special Administration & Management forum, and then we don't read or participate in it because we don't immediately realise it is anything to do with us...

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