Cleaning Up Instancing

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Re: Cleaning Up Instancing

Post by realXCV » Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:48 am

I think it reloads everything. At least, that's what it does in the offline game.

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Re: Cleaning Up Instancing

Post by 75th Trombone » Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:32 pm

Yeah. I hope we have a possibility of optimizing that someday once stuff is released.

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Re: Cleaning Up Instancing

Post by Anaerin » Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:18 pm

Something of a thread revival, I know, but I've had a thought on this.

I like (Well, love) the idea of using bookmarks, but I don't see the practicality of having lots of bookmarks at once. The way I see it, you should only be in one group at a time. When you join a group, the group leader opens his relto book and hands you his bookmark. If you want to join another group, you go to your new leader and take his bookmark, the bookmark you had before disappears. If you want to go back to exploring on your own, you open your relto book remove the bookmark for the current group leader and link to your private relto. The old bookmark disappears and your own bookmark replaces it. The bookmark reads <owner>'s journey, where <owner> is the current leader's name (or your own name). When you "Remove" the bookmark, it's taken from between the pages and placed below the book, so you can add the bookmark again if you accidentally removed it. If the current leader joins another group, all members of his (former) group are dropped from that group, and have their own bookmarks reinstated. They're not kicked back to Relto, as the group may be reforming under another leader. This is to allow groups to re-form, but not allow further exploring of a user's private ages.

Also, for convenience (if nothing else), your relto book gets a new page and linking panel, that links you directly to the leader. Obviously, if you are the leader, you don't get that option, instead you get a page that lists everyone that is currently holding your bookmark, with a [.] to remove them from the group (Which will then boot them out of your ages, probably link them to their own relto - if someone's griefing in your ages, do you really want them to stay there as an uninvited guest?).

As for instancing, here's how I see it.

Bookmarked link: You link to the current leader's private instance (default). This includes all journey references, cloths, bahro doors and solvable puzzles.
Bookmark removed link: You link to the public instance's version. Public instance journey ages are broken, unsolved and unsolvable, probably without bahro influences (no cloths or doors). This means if you want to explore, you have to go into a private instance.

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