New Guild Structure: Balance and Cooperation under Cyan

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Re: New Guild Structure: Balance and Cooperation under Cyan

Post by semplerfi » Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:03 am

Mac_Fife wrote:
Jamey wrote:An Independent Writer so to speak? I think I like that idea :)
Well, a Freelance Writer ;)
This is exactly what I meant by “entertaining some flexibility and adaptability”. ;)

Nice move. 8-)

Creativity will transcend…

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Re: New Guild Structure: Balance and Cooperation under Cyan

Post by Nalates » Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:05 am

Jamey wrote: Do you all think that by explorers casting out their affiliations and positions in specific Guilds, and by becoming independent in our contributions, we'd be able to make more progress overall as a community? Or would this prove to have the opposite effect? Or perhaps something in-between would result from this?

Affiliations… I’m affiliated with many of the fan guilds. Apprentice GoMa, GoW, etc. Because of my long history with the GoC I have a loyalty there. However, when Aiden came along and wanted to start a new web site and run the GoC and organize and grow it, I had reservations. He asked me for permission, which was nice, but I did not really have the authority to give or deny him permission. Here was someone new to Uru and I wondered would he be a fair weather fan… would he be around for the long run… did he understand the guild and Uru… what would he do with the guild? None of those answers were available.

I decided it did not really matter what he did because my loyalty was not to him but to a game-concept of the guild. Rather than fight him or impose my idea on those playing in MOUL I did what I could to help. When MOUL closed and Aiden went away I did what I could to fill in. I needed no permissions. I needed no votes and group cooperation. I saw what I thought needed to be done and got it done. I still do that. If someone else steps up and wants to fill in, I’ll look at how I can help them.

The idea here is that the guild has no real control over me or anyone. I am GoC and a guild master because I choose to be. You are a writer because you chose to create ages. Not because you associate with the GoW. Whether you disassociate or cast aside an affiliation has nothing to do with whether you are a Writer. Only whether or not you create an age has any meaning.

Think of what you actually do in RL as being what determines if you are a Writer. From that you, or anyone, can decide where you (or they) fit in the guilds and think of fitting in a guild as more of an IC thing. Build your ages with whomever you enjoy working and playing with. I enjoy playing in Devokan because Dot and Paislee are flexible and about having fun. They also seem to have a sense of service and are willing to experiment. They strive to get along with others.

I use whatever resources are available. I read lots of the GoW posts. I post when those with social behavior issues are abusing someone or seriously misrepresenting facts that I think could lead to extended problems, like Veralun’s having a post down for a few minutes and their claiming it had been deleted and using that to justify their biases in what I think was unfair ways verging on liable. But, I also have to give props when they are deserved. I’ll be me and do my best to behave in ways that I think will help the community.

Giving up whatever you think a guild is or what you think a guild is supposed to do is what I see most of these posts being about. Not actually giving up affiliations with IC or OOC guilds and the people you enjoy building with. Just change how you think of guilds.

semplerfi is absolutely right, "Creativity will transcend…"

I'll add to that... character will show through.
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