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Guilds System of In-Game New Games Content

Post by ZeroCool » Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:36 am

Guilds System of In-Game New Games Content :idea: by Jahmen aka ZeroCool

The Guilds System for New Games Content is not only for Marker Quest Games (MQG) and Jalak Dador Games (JDG), but also new in-game Age stories & short stories. It is meant to be expandable to include and support other newly created games in the future. My idea behind a Guilds System for creating and supporting new small games content, is to grow and sustain the Uru Community during the transition into the introduction of Fan Created Art License (FCAL) New Age big content and the time between additional releases. The Guilds System for New Games Content is small scale projects meant for in-game Guild members with a Myst Red toga to organize and manage small new games content. The goal is to develop a small scale ongoing source of readily available “In-Game Content” to explorers to create and sustain online game attendance after all the available in-game content has been exhausted. When this Guild System reaches the point with which it can support a regular flow of new small games and stories to the Uru Community, I believe the content quality will grow to produce amazing content. It is meant to be a small scale renewable source of in-game content. It should include other Guilds within the Guild System for Games such as the Guild of Archivists’, Linguist, along with other Guilds that can provide a useful service of task to the systems operations.

Membership Guidelines for Guild Member System Volunteers: :roll:
Guild Members should be explorers that have completed all of the MOUL, again “in-game” content giving them the time to devote to their Guild(s) of choice writing, playing, testing, evaluating, and promoting New Games content with and for the Uru Community of Explorers. Those desiring to join the Guilds System for creating New Games Content should be explorers that play regularly in game and interested in donating their time to growing and promoting the Uru Community of Games and associated activities. Once the Guild System is established and becomes stable in tasks of purpose, new member requirements can be lifted and open to all Explorers.

Note: Not all Marker Quest Games (MQG) and Jalak Dador Games (JDG) will be created solely by the Guilds System, but also by Explorers lone individual efforts or collaborations outside the Guild System. With this in mind, the Guild System can help to integrate these other sources of game content into the Guild of Games Library of Games.
Guild System for New Games “In-Game” content consists of the 5 primary Guilds set up Cyan in MOUL, last; Guild of Greeters´, Guild of Messengers´, Guild of Writers´, Guild of Maintainers´, Guild of Cartographers’, with their individual Private Guild Pubs. There newly create name sake Bevins are to provide an in-game public face and access to Guild Pub Members.

Proposed GUILD Summaries of Tasks; :shock:

Guild of Greeter’s members are tasked to after greeting new explorers to make known and educate new explorers by directing them to the Great Zero Antechamber Room to upgrade their KI’s to acquire the ability to later play Marker Quest Games. Same as Greeters might do with directing explorers to the Gahreesen or Class Room Book to get a KI or learn about their KI. The Greeter’s may wish to join and/or participate in the Guild System for New Game Content and display some Guild Game System Information on their Bevin imager.

Guild of Messenger’s members are tasked as the ambassadors between the Guilds making up the Guild System for In-Game New Games Content by promoting and informing the Uru Community of Explorers about the in-game games and the latest and greatest Games, along with hosting disputes between Guilds to possible task over-lapping issues that come up. Messenger members are to promote Game events and competitions by keeping the in-game Uru Community of Explorers informed through their network of associated Guild of Criers and The Cavern Today, etc. . .

Guild of Writer’s members are tasked to write New Games content with type styles and play levels. Guild of Writer’s members will teach classes in in-game writing and creation for Marker Quest Games (MQG) and Jalak Dador Games (JDG). Writers are also encouraged to write and present new in-game age and short stories for public oration and/ or creation within a MQG or JDG.

Guild of Maintainer’s members are tasked with play checking and testing new Marker Quest Games (MQG) and Jalak Dador Games (JDG) submissions for type styles and play levels. Maintainer members will teach classes in in-game testing and categorizing for the Games Library. creation for. Maintainer members will work in conjunction with the in-game Guilds System of the other Guilds to produce New Games Content for the Uru Community of Explorers.

Guild of Cartographer’s members are tasked with mapping and creating maps for use in creating Games. This might be best done in conjunction with a central website that can accommodate the up load and down loading of maps for games creation.

Guild of Game’s members are tasked with hosting the games. They are the Keepers of the Games Library. They collect and distribute games from and to the explorers with the attached Report Card for players to fill out and send back in to tell us how they liked the game and how to improve it ideas. Report Cards are to help the Guilds System improve the quality of games and continue to track games level skills and in-game knowledge as the games evolve.

Note: As a member of the Guild of Cartographers and having an extensive collection of MOUL Age maps for the mapping of my own games I could help get things started.

Draft Stages: I am still working on perfecting a cataloging system for the games I already have as well as a system for submitting games to the Guild System for playing, texting, typing and grading for skill levels required to play them.
For now I am just using the game creators KI #s Avatar name and game name title first letters as the game tag for each game. I am learning more about MS Excel to better perfect a formula for the tracking of the games and the returned response to each game’s report card for explorers to fill out and return. The idea being that the Uru Community of Explorers will ultimately set the agenda for what is most popular and playable. The report cards are to build a library data base for the Guilds System to establish a definition of explorer skill levels. This will be done in conjunction with the Maintainers efforts to keep up with processing through the games submitted into the system by explorers and what the system its self produces.

I have set up the Guild of Writer’s Bevin, Guild of Maintainer’s Bevin and the Guild of Cartographer’s Bevin with the hopes that I can get explorers to join that have already completed all the in-game MOUL, again game content. This way they will have the time to help the Guild System to start functioning in its capacity to start creating, testing, and categorizing games.

Green to Red to Quests
Marker Games -- What are they about?
To answer that question an Explorer must first, walk, run, jump, and find those green and red markers along the way to gain the privilege and ability to play and make marker games.
So let me quickly run you through what is involved at the start.
The first of all, all Explorers should after receiving their Ki go back to the round book room, found in any Bevin and use the linking book to the antechamber room to get their Ki upgraded from the Ki machine there so they can then detect markers. Green and red markers to be exact, starting with the green ones. Once the Explorer has collected all of the green markers and returned them to the antechamber Ki machine for the next upgrade, they will also receive a Private Link in the Nexus to the Great Zero. Then start collecting the remaining red markers to gain access to the Great Zero- Calibration Room. Once the Explorer has collected all the red markers and returned them to either the antechamber Ki machine or the Ki machine found in the Great Zero, they will then gain access to calibration room. Once in the calibration room, the Explorer can use a view scope machine to choose from any of the 14 available marker missions to get started in calibrating the Great Zero.
NOTE: The new MOUL, again game does not require explorers to complete all of the marker missions in order to gain access and use to creating and playing marker quest games.

Once the Explorer learns how to operate the marker quests game title and marker text features for placing markers and inserting texts within them, they are well on their way to creating any number to a vast variety of marker game types and styles.
The marker games Bevin was set up with the idea in mind to create and provide a place where explorers can come to share together in the wide variety and diversity with which marker games can be made to play. It was also meant to become a depository or library for marker games. In order to accomplish this members of the marker games Bevin are working together to create a universal standard of basics with which all marker games can be identified by type and difficulty. Nobody likes playing a game that is too hard for them or too easy. I believe most Uru explorers by nature like a good challenge that allows them to grow their abilities. We are not looking to establish rules or regulations with which to govern marker games, which will come all on its own, but more to identify and establish some basic standards to help explorers in creating and playing marker games. To this end we are in the process of designing a “skills marker quest game” meant to gauge the average ability of explorers with regards to in game walk, run, and jump skills, in game basic knowledge and game type interests. It is our intentions and hopes to enlist the help of well-known explorers with outstanding walk run jump skills and above average game knowledge, along with average and beginner explorers in helping us to develop this game for establishing some basics with which all can benefit. Additionally, marker quest games can also be used and incorporated into Jalak Dador games. We at the marker games Bevin believe that Cyan made more than enough in-game small content games to keep even the most experienced explorers entertained until new game content comes. We also believe that marker quest games are the perfect means with which Uru community member explorers can create new game content on a more smaller basic level than the skills necessary and required for creating new age game content.
Let us look at just a few of the different types of Marker Quest Games that can be made and let me try to better explain more about them and the endless diversity of combining types into new types.

First of all, a Marker Quest game takes a lot of planning the same as Story Age Writing & Age creating.
You need a plan and a theme for your Marker Game to start with.
Is the Marker Game a single Age or Multi-Age playing game?
How hard am I going to make the Markers to "Find" or even "Get"?
Is the Marker Game (MG) a “Text Letters” clues to a “Word Jumble”?
Or is the MG a “Text Words” to a sentence or phrase solve?
Is the word jumble or word solve or both something limited in theme to “In Age” or a "Multi-Age" solve?
Do you implant Cryptic text marker clues for the word jumble or word phrase to expand the solve parameters outside the Age(s)?
Are the Markers in the MG a “Text Story” or part of a “Text Story Series"?
Is the MG a tutorial or instructional of text markers to any number or wide variety of topics? Or part of a "D’ni History Lesson" solve found in among the Books of the Kings or note books, books?
There is plenty enough game content to use for creating with, as well as new age writing content.
You can even use MG’s to intro a new Age the writers are building to generate interest and anticipation for a release.
Don’t even get me started with the Marker Quest Games that can be used in Jalak Dador Playing!
The >MARKER GAME’s Bevin invites the Writers, Maintainers, Cartographers, Greeters, Messengers and any and all other Uru Community Member Explorers to participate in playing, testing, perfecting and creating Marker Quest Games for all. We believe in time that Marker Quest Games and their popularity will grow with the Uru Community as they are developed, perfected and become better well known through use.

Jahmen a.k.a. GAMEMASTER
P.S. Please, Don't freak out over this project I have undertaken. I'm already way in over my head with posts that I am evil!
DOT thought maybe here would be best place to get my Project some support and interest. So....

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Re: Guilds System of In-Game New Games Content

Post by Nalates » Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:02 pm

...yeah... your taking quite a bit of flack on the MOUL forum. I read several of the responses. At the point I read, most were not into your idea and were saying why. Several of those opinions are probably worth listening to. At least at the time they had not started attacking you. If that happens or has happened, just notice who those people are and disregard most of what they say.

While I don't have a problem with most of the ideas or your looking for those that want to join in an play, I think it adds to the confusion around guilds. We already have the historic guilds of the D'ni people. Those are gone and just story elements. Then come the in Cavern (iC) guilds that are story elements made by Cyan that people participate in. Fans created guilds outside the game, some conceived and formed before Cyan's emphasis on guilds and some after. People are already confused as to what is Cyan story (iC) guilds and what is non-Cyan, fan created guilds that seem to exist IC and OOC both in and outside the game. Many expect the guilds to be Cyan controlled and official. They form expectations and whole ontological systems about the guilds from their experiences in other games. Then they get upset that things do not match their expectations.

Now you seem to propose adding another complete set of guilds... Many of us would like to see all the problems around guilds just go away and some of us would like to see guilds deemphasized. Your game idea bumps up against all of those issues. It also affects the existing role play of many. It is not surprising they are concerned and object.

If I were going to re-write your idea to make it more acceptable to the community, I would remove the word guild and replace it with another restoration group, unions, clubs, companies, or departments. Avoid trying to correct or having to deal with a problem people already have with the guild ideas.

I can't say how you went about planning and conceiving the game idea, but my perception is it was pretty much on your own. There is nothing wrong with that and correct me if I'm wrong. Contrast that with the Devokan game. (I'm biased in favor of Devokan). While I don't know all the details and history of how the Devokan ideas formed, I see a basic stable core idea: the overall story arc, allowing considerable flexibility to individuals and their role play. A small group, I think one person with an initial idea and a friend talking it over and finding how they could both have fun with the idea are the source. I can't for a fact state that how the idea would impact other ages and players was a major consideration, but it appears it was in the basic thinking. From some initial point in the thinking you can read how it has developed sence on the GoMa forum and here. While the Devokan story and planning may not help you, understanding their process could help.

From my perspective, I often only have a vague idea where Dot, Paislee, and Mat are going with their stories and in turn suspect that may be true of their perception of my direction. At best, I think we try to understand enough about each other’s stories to avoid stepping on toes. But as we have ideas we develop the broad story arc by filling in the details. When we think of an idea we talk it over and decide if it can work or creates conflicts. We use lots of creative cooperation and still allow free independent creation. You seem to have made slots for people to fit in and roles for them to play. I think many will find that confining. I think that may be part of the reason for resistance to your game idea. If you can make your idea into a broader story arc that supports, or at least does not over shadow, Cyan story elements and others role play you may get better acceptance.

The community sees lots of people come in with what they think are great ideas and start with great fanfare. Within weeks or months they are gone and never heard of again. Those things that have stayed around have a core of people participating in what they enjoy. Over time more people think that may be fun and those of similar mind join in the play. I try to draw ideas from them as to what they like and why and find ways to add to the fun or support it. So, it is less about interesting them in what I do or think may be fun as it is about encouraging them to do what they enjoy and finding ways to help them do it.

I suspect we are similar in that there are game things we want to do. Whether others want to participate or not is not a primary consideration for me. For instance, I really like Lehm’s model of the guild hall. I’m thinking of how I might build one in OSGrid and adapt that to the Devokan story and my character. The story is loose enough there that I think I can make that work. Whether or not it can and whether or not others like the idea I plan to try. If the ideas work for others I’ll try near Devokan. If not, I’ll move it away from Devokan, so as not to disturb them. But try I will… So, you may not want to give up your idea but may be reconsider its implementation.

So… all this is to point out where you have run into some PR problems in presenting your game idea (guilds) and that the plan may be too conflictive or restrictive for many. I’m not suggesting you give up your plan, just that you may want to rethink and make some changes in the presentation.

I also suggest you read OHB’s responses to his detractors and those that have objections to OHBot. He seems to respect opinions while disagreeing with them. He makes concessions and yet continues with his idea and what he likes doing. The style may help you continue your project and handle detractors.
GoW, GoMa and GoA apprentice - Guildmaster GoC - SL = Nalates Urriah

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Re: Guilds System of In-Game New Games Content

Post by ZeroCool » Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:22 pm

Thanx Nalates,

As usual, your post is insightful and on target and more importantly, positive.
It provides suggestions and examples for me and points to the better ways with which I could have and might have better gone about it all.

I see once again that I have shot myself and my project in the head by how I bungled its introduction, promotion and most importantly, the overly ambitious nature with which it was about. Later when Irealized the scope of what I had done, I hoped for it to be allowed by the Cyan King. 8-)

In hind sight I tried to accomplish too much to fast in to short a span of time with out a clue to the protocols to be followed.
What I believe hurts the proposed project most and you pointed to, but I don’t agree with at all. The gross misconception most explorers in the cavern have about the Marker Quest & Jalak games being of limited content value to support a Guild System Project to IC explorer roles. Something I had been worked hard to correct and educate the general public through demonstration by providing a diverse number of Marker Quest & Jalak games that combined the use of marker quest text markers using my stated range of game categories to styles some I listed in the locked Myst Online thread post. This link to another post I made offering additional information to support what I’m saying.

I was attempting to address what I saw as an MOUL, again In-Game IC Guild Pubs creation by Cyan void to the game and its inability to grow along natural lines of progression in accord with the games D’ni cultural themes. The Guild Pubs introduced by Cyan at the end of MOUL, never had assigned in-game IC roles defined by the Cyan King. Cyan King reference is to the IC Guild D’ni history told to explorers of the social, cultural and political ruling class structure related to the King and the Guilds. In our case here, Cyan is the controlling in-game IC King who decides who, how and what is done by the IC 5 major guilds according the licensing agreement all have signed to abide by. This being something pointed out to me.

I was trying to get the in-game IC Guild Pubs and their Bevins functioning in MOUL, again by setting up a Guilds System with which explorers could play out roles and tasks appropriate to each Guilds name connotation obviously reflected in the D’ni histories written of each. I felt the Guild of Game’s Bevin could be but a beginning theme cog to the 5 major guilds eventually bigger Guilds System role of in-game IC play that would eventually grow out of it all. The intent was to make use of the official 5 major guilds natural in-game IC roles to attract explorer players as resources around and into my proposed Guilds of New Games Content Project theme. The Games theme was to provide the topic theme subject matter for the simple IC role tasks explorers would play within their Guilds. The use of the 5 official major guilds status was to be the catalyst necessary in building, establish and bring together my proposed IC Guild System. The major guilds official status being the means or glue for both to come together and help accomplish organizing the project to a more guaranteed outcome to success in a short amount of time. I felt it could bring more explorers together in-game and in cavern around a central small games theme in which to better anchor the explorers into the game. I envisioned within Ae'gura City public instance, small bands, groups or teams of explorers playing of the games or of those tasked guild explorers checking, testing and writing a game together. It all seemed a useful presence for the games growth by providing a flow of game entertaining public aivities attendance. Perhaps the servers are not equipped to handle such a level or number of players playing yet? I'm guessing of course.

At this point I already know what you're thinking and yes what I had proposed to Cyan as a all or nothing proposal was nothing short of Insanity! :lol: I see where it might have been a bit presumptious and Insanely overly ambitious, but ya gotta love my effort for trying such a crazy bold Project! :roll:

Oh you guessed again! :lol:
Also in my insane ignorance, I started using the in-game Guild Pubs and created Bevins for them to promote my Guilds System game project with. I honestly hadn't considered them at the time as Cyans, but for any and all explorers belonging to them to do IC playing projects with. :? I really believed what I was doing was a good thing for everyone and since I saw nothing happening with any of the Guild Pubs imagers as to an activities or plans, well . . .
I was since informed that the Use of the official major guilds was a no no and it seemed to upset some players. :shock:
Posts to my being evil and such was the clue. :twisted: I quickly learned that my use of the official major guilds and creating Bevins for them and putting their use into motion into IC in-game roles at the time or any time wasn’t allowed. :o
Whether or not my Guilds System Project "Games Theme" Idea could or couldn't be made to possibly fit in within any future planned Cyan use for the major guilds in some smaller capacity went un-discussed, but not unaddressed. NO! The Cyan King has spoken NO IC Major Guilds use.

For me this meant that MOUL, again IC guilds were to limp along as they did at the end of MOUL, last from having no Cyan King defined in-game IC use to their Guild roles for explorer fans to play IC Guild tasks with. Something I am unable to wrap my head around as to why would Cyan do that? That, meaning why bother to created the Guild Pubs and history to them and never define how IC explorers should use them or allow them to be used. :x It makes me insane that they sit there with an undefined use and aren't allowed to be used? I mean, the Guild sites that evolved out of them purpose to creating new game content I get, but not to equally use them in-game for IC use seems such a wasted resource. :cry: And so I tried to get it into use. I didn't mean to offend any in my doing so or step on toes as I obviously did. And for that I am truely sorry. :oops:

So the issue came down to whether or not Cyan/ Guilds were ready to commit all of the Cyan Kings 5 Major Guilds into an in-game IC player project or not, at this time or any time. The answer I got was a resounding NO! And so I respected that decision and deleted as requested, those Guilds Bevin named avatars I had made. In my own mind I see no reason for me to stay with the MOUL, again game, since there is not to be any allowed Cyan approved ability for an in-game IC Guilds System to be developed. Given that Cyan never could decide to release or decide upon the in-game Guilds system IC status for use, I don't foresee anything changing with within the near future with regards to this. I pushed and broached the topic to the explorers and Cyan. None seem ready to deal with or move forward with what I see as the games necessary step to a progressively successful IC future. I feel it is one of several unattended to, unanswered MOUL topics by Cyan that really hurts the games ability to grow along natural progressive lines from players.
ONE PROBLEM: MOUL, again for me remains an undefined Cyan project to intent. Is MOUL, again MORE? Or a prelude to Open Source Uru? It isn’t clear, at least to me, if it is part of the first step towards the promised Open Source Uru game i.e. licensed FCAL new age content with released tools and code or something else. This is in part my own fault and short coming as time doesn’t allow for me to stay current with the games OC, OCC or IC ICC Guild happenings or progress and their relationship to Cyan and the other part being could anyone keep up with everything unless retired with the time and desire to.
P.S. In my haste to leave I have deleted all of my accounts avatars before thinking to transfer all of the games I had or explain that the Guild of Writer’s, Guild of Maintainer’s and Guild of Cartographer’s Bevins were not officially from or by Cyan and those who have joined them in believing this need to be told. Something I now can not go into the game and post or do. Perhaps those belonging to those Bevins can still post to their imagers what has happened. I am sorry for all the bad and confusion I have caused all. And so I will leave the game as part of my penance and leave MOUL alone.

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Re: Guilds System of In-Game New Games Content

Post by Nalates » Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:22 pm

I think you have stated your opinion well enough. I think several of the assertions you make are in error.

The problem I have with the post is it seems to be a justification of a rage-quite. I see no positive or constructive value from it and therefore it doesn't meet the forum's or sections's requirement for positive discussion to improve the game or community. So, I've asked it be locked.

Any debate of your ideas and thinking can move to PM.
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