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Improvements to Movements

Post by FlaviusJoe » Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:34 am

Greetings, awesome people. :)

Short version: Please implement a standard movement system which is similar to Portal or Tomb Raider where I move the same speed in every direction and my avatar's animations comply in a realistic enough fashion.

One small thing which always bugged me while playing URU is the clunkyness of the "realistic" movement. You strafe slowly, turn slowly, run backwards slowly, and accelerate to a run in kind of a jittery way. Jumping is also difficult to time properly compared to other games.

May I suggest/request that the movement system be changed to a very simple "I-am-an-object-floating-along-the-ground" entity with animations that give the illusion of realistic movement? What I am requesting is the exact way one moves in any other modern video game, first or third person. It is convenient, fast, and simple.

I believe it would lower the barrier of entry for people who already have difficulty with computer game controls without dealing with pseudo-realistic clunky avatars. This will especially make all the "twitch" puzzles easier.

I'm not necessarily referring to the actual controls, though I have seen it brought up and think referencing Myst 5's approach to both point/click and WASD would help in that area.

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