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Re: Funding and accounting for servers

Post by DarK » Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:58 pm

I seem to be engaged in some thread jacking here, and perhaps we could move these posts to another thread? (Mods ;) )

The server would fit into the Subscription and Limited Ownership models as it would be the subscription control/owners group job to purchase and manage the server.

The price at that site is pretty high considering the deal you are getting.

This is a UK firm I have done business with recently, and considering the specs on the server and the price ($204 @ current exchange) it serriously is a better deal.

The other thing I've found with dedicated game server companies is the contention, they usually pack servers in all the time, and you end up with high latency.

It all depends on the layout of the system as well, it could be that its decided that we need a LAN aka Cyan setup in which case we might be looking at a specalised hosting solution provided by a company like Rackspace.

A lot of this seems to be at the moment dependent on the source and what we can do with it.

However when looking at dedicated servers keep an eye on Sever Specifications, Bandwidth, Transfer Limits and if they are charging extra for things like control pannels and random services that are never going to be used.

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