A Multi-Age Expansion To Uru

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Post by Gehn, lord of ages » Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:12 pm

What things do you want to see in Uru Live? We want to know. Do you want more of a specific type of puzzle, certain types of characters, certain kinds of music?

:D We won't be able to integrate everyone's wishes into David's Journey (but hopefully some other Age or storyline will provide for those), but we can definitely work many of them in to our work.

Some specific things to get you started

- Do you want to see more multiplayer puzzles? How should they be done (as an alternate path to something? as a way to get a reward? as a one time event? - logic puzzles? brute strength puzzles? etc.)?

- Do you want more minigames? What types (single player? Two player? More? Team based? Competitive? Puzzlelike?)? Should they have rewards (e.g. a scoresheet that records who wins each time)?

- Do you want to see more animal interaction? What kinds (as a puzzle, as a reward, as a random encounter, etc.)? What creatures?

- What kind of characters should we make? Do you want to see more women, men, young, or old? What character traits should they have? What narrative styles should they have (for journals)? What kind of people should they be (should they be your best friends? Sinister enemies? Mystics? Comic? Tragic? Dramatic?)?

- What else do you want to see more/less of?
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Re: Suggestions

Post by Linger » Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:14 am

Personally, I'd like to see a 'choose your own ending' type scenario.
Over the ages various information would be strewn in such a way that it could be interpreted in a number of ways... this would have a serious amount of psychoanalysis involved though as it would have to be more than a left door or right door type decision.
  • Some examples of forks in the road would be:
    Is the player logical or illogical in puzzle solving?

    When faced by a moral choice which decision is right for the player?

    When a timed puzzle is beaten in a shorter than average amount of time the player is faced by a different door to that of those who took their time... but the casual door is locked (or hidden or whatever really) still.

    Personal choice, is red or black a positive colour?

    Would you chase this paper trail or that one?
I guess the end all would be the exclusiveness of the journey you've taken when playing out this content, could you go back? and how many endings would be possible?

...and imho, the cleaner the gameplay the more fun, but the more the gameplay feels 'standard' the less fun.

As this is not in the Q & A section I don't want answers, merely suggestive. ;)

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