OpenURU JIRA is up back and running

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OpenURU JIRA is up back and running

Post by rarified » Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:31 pm

After an extended absence, the JIRA bug tracker on the OpenURU Foundry is back up and running.

JIRA is the more detailed (but more complex) system for logging bugs in projects related to OpenURU, from bugs in the game client to Minkata shard problems to OpenURU web site problems. Fan projects (such as content projects) as well can be set up for bug tracking. (Our simpler to use but less detailed bug tracker Hesk is still up and running as well!)

JIRA is also the portal for signing up for a user account to be able to use any of the Foundry services.

I'm still working on the companion system Fisheye which provides organized access to source code for OU projects, as well as a way to cross reference JIRA issues with the related source code, so links in existing issues that refer to source code will not yet work. I still need to lobotomize Fisheye so it forgets about source code that was contaminated with Bink.

Feel free to explore JIRA and see whether your favorite issue has been reported. MOULa bugs are welcome as well, but our JIRA is not in any way an official support portal for Cyan, so bugs reported here most likely won't be seen by Cyan staff. Rather, they will have to be addressed by open source contributors in future contributions to MOULa.

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