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Wiki "Front End" Reorganization

Post by Mac_Fife » Wed May 04, 2011 8:43 pm

Following on from the discussion that was going on in the Resource Information section (viewtopic.php?p=4304#p4304) (that thread's content has kind of bounced around several areas of relevance), I've carrioed out some reorganization of the WIki's Main Page and Community Portal page. The new Community Portal is a bit of an empty shell right now, as it'll take a bit of time to pull the right things in there; some material exists and just needs linked, some may be imported from elsewhere and some may need to be created.

Once we get some proper page headings in place there, pretty much anyone who feels inclined can grab an opening and go write up some content - "see a need, fill a need" as someone keeps saying.
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