Guild Meeting 6/21/09

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Guild Meeting 6/21/09

Post by Tai'lahr » Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:25 am


Due to the sim being offline and Jeff unable to log in, this week's guild meeting was cancelled. However, Eder D'Uru residents were invited to informally meet with Dagda & Tailahr during the regular meeting time at Tayma's Bevin on Vulcan Myst (thanks to Rehnehmtahn Later for allowing us to use the house).
During the informal meeting, the following Items were discussed:
* Possibly holding a class about how to organize outfits and alt avies in folders.
* Questions were asked about the tier increase and the mall rates.
* The July Journey was discussed and Krell & Nonlinear agreed to participate.
* Ghaelen said she was planning to invite residents and members of the Healer's Retreat group to an informal "meet and greet" and would likely be sending an announcement out in the next few days. The Healers are also planning to begin twice weekly (one morning & one evening) short meditation sessions each week with different yet complementary themes. They also plan to begin hosting more events like the Silk Road Caravan about once a month.

Afterwards, when Jeff was able to log in, a council meeting of the GMs was held, and the following items were discussed:

* The results of the residents vote on the tier raise was $4. (Total $L2900/1024m parcel) The new rate will go into effect July 1st. Any residents who have already paid the July rent will have it refunded and need to pay it again at the new higher rate.
* Now that the parcel tier has been determined, the final stall rental rates in the mall have also been set: L$125/wk (20 prims) for the standard stall; L$175/wk (25 prims) for the larger stalls at the back; L$75/wk (10 prims) for the 2 small stalls near the back door.
* No new progress has been made on a donation system, yet.
* Fees incurred by individuals placing their parcel into the Search feature need to be recuperated.

* The covenant has been drafted and is being reviewed.

- ISLAND UPDATE (GoBuilders Report)
* Dagda & Jeff seem to be the only ones working on the monthly puzzles; others are welcome to contribute.
* Building on the Tokotah rooftop seems to have hit a snag, but should be addressed soon. (Dang those odd shapes!)
* Regarding the directional signage requested by some residents, we now have the texture of the D'ni arrow and will be applying it.

Our GoPlanners GM, Eleri Ethaniel has taken ill and we do not know when or if she will return to her GuildMaster duties. Tailahr will fill in until she returns or a replacement has been found.
- Need to fulfill her plans for:
* Fish building contest
* Clothes making contest
* NC: How to organize an event at ED

PUBLICITY (Upcoming Events)
* This Thursday, June 25th, 8 AM SLT: Commencement exercises for D'ni Language Class graduates in the Community Room.
* This Saturday, June 27th, Noon: First Anniversary Celebration of The Great Boxbot Union
~ Note: first anniversaries are traditionally recognized with paper gifts. ;)
* July Journey: currently have four residents committed to participating (and 5 iffies). Hopefully, this will all come together in time for release on July 1st.
* Wed, July 1st: Cinderella's Lost Slipper Hunt begins which includes Tia Tai's Big Box Store.
* Next Saturday, July 4th: Grand Opening Celebration for the New Cavern Mall! w00t! No definite plans, yet. Suggestions welcome.
* July Playdates: Thursdays, 2nd, 16th, 30th - Ideas welcome.

The building team has worked hard to make it possible for people to get around the cavern through traditional methods (walking, ferry riding, book linking). A proposal has been made that for one day, we all do our best to forgo using flying, landmarks and teleports, and only use the routes provided by the building team. The idea is that this will contribute to the sense of immersion and make it even more fun to live at (and visit) Eder D'Uru. We may find a few "holes" in this system, but we can report those to the building team to fill in (including signage). For anyone who has a skybox, linking books are suggested for their TPs to and fro. Unless there are any objections, flymode will be disabled for the main parcel and residents will be encouraged to disable it on their own parcels. A date has not been set, yet.


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