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Post by JeffLewis » Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:50 am

Late Wednesday (4/15/09) evening, VERY early Thursday morning, it was quickly decided the new KI HUD would be released.

When I say quickly, it didn't involve the people whom I should have involved with it because we've been working on it for over a year now. For that, I apologize to my team, as well as the readers on openuru.org.

Individuals involved in the first release (Uru name/ Second Life name)
Nadnerb / Nadnerb Tebaldi: MAJOR scripting of the entire menu system, the entire backend server, and the marker games
JasonG / Rick Carlos: Scripts that got us started, minkata footprints, built several objects on the HUD
Jeff Lewis/ JeffeJ5005 Lewis: KI Dispenser, distribution, press, emotional support

Over the next releases, I hope to expand this list to a large number of Uru/SL developers and be able to include as many people as possible.

Where we hope the KI Project goes: We hope that the KI can begin to unite the many uru/myst related locations in Second Life. Not only uniting them, but uniting the outside world with them as well. To start this, Eder D'Uru has partnered with the Eder Gira sim to provide the marker calibration missions making use of their excellent Great Zero. We have also placed dispensers at several popular uru-sl locations in order to get it to as many people as possible. If you have a location, please message me in-world at JeffeJ5005 Lewis.

An aim that is hoped to accompish is that the KI will become the heart of development and community within SL. it has the potential to become an object that grows to be one with the environment, allowing us greater immersion as well as interactivity. Here's a list of what the KI can do and will be edited over time, as will this text, to reflect what's new.

KI v1.0:
New Additions: The whole thing! (sendable marker games, buddy system, footprints, water marks, menu system, complete server backend to save everything, automatic updates too!)


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