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The Chronicles of Teshan - Fanfiction

Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 6:49 am
by Hitana
The Book of Faresh

At the top of his career the musician Faresh dies. Investigator Teshan has to solve the case and soon finds out about the false play of Faresh's colleagues. But has anyone of them murdered the musical mastermind, or has Faresh turned mad and committed suicide? ... Faresh.pdf

The Book of Pentano

The former investigator Teshan has given up his job and written an Age. While exploring it he discovers it's beauty as well as a nation of Ahrotantee. As he gets to know a woman of the tribe better, he learns to see and live differently. But his friend Namis despises his success and starts to work against him... ... entano.pdf

The Book of Teshan

...tells the story of how everything began for the Maintainer Teshan, who decided to join the Police Force. In his first case he already sees a lot of blood and corruption, has to work with people from the underground and discovers a horrible truth within his own Guild. ... Teshan.pdf

The books are put in the order I have written them. However you should start with the Book of Teshan, continue with the Book of Faresh and then finish with the Book of Pentano.