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Announcing: - Community Project Site

Post by JWPlatt » Sat Dec 13, 2008 1:47 am


Announcing, a project site for the Uru community to promote Open Uru projects.

I'd like to say I was being prophetic, but the truth is, I was working on a proposal for Open Source Uru which I planned to develop with others who would join my efforts and submit it to Cyan in the Spring.

But now, with the news Cyan is actually open sourcing Uru, things have accelerated and I would like to offer the domain for community use.

There is a forum now. Administration is not complete because I wasn't expecting an open house nearly so soon. But it's useable.

What I plan to offer the community in terms of resources:

Subdomains: Put up your own qualified project website on the domain.
Central forums: Everyone discusses their various projects here.
Dedicated project forums: Project leaders control their own forum and membership group.
Email: POP3 mailboxes for qualified project members.

There could be much more, but that's all I have developed so far.

Chogon (Mark DeForest, Cyan CTO) tells me "the source [will be] hosted at an open source repository, such as GoogleCode or LaunchPad. However, there will have to be a place for information about the game and where to go" and "it is not limited to those repositories."

The website still needs a home page. In the meantime, please use this link to reach the forums:

Please feel free to register. After you are validated, you may join the Member group through your control panel to have access to post on the forum(s).

Stay tuned for updates to the landscape.

All the best to everyone,

Perfect speed is being there.

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