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Announcing CyanWorlds.Com Engine Open Source

Post by JWPlatt » Wed Apr 06, 2011 9:49 pm

Announcing The CyanWorlds.Com Engine Open Source Project At

Cyan Worlds, Inc. and jointly announce open source delivery of the Engine client and 3ds Max plugin, aka Plasma, the engine used to power Myst Online: Uru Live.

The wait is over! introduces the CyanWorlds.Com Engine, Cyan Worlds' Plasma game engine used to power Myst Online: Uru Live. The team is thrilled that the Engine has been released by Cyan Worlds as open source. We are honored that Cyan Worlds has given the opportunity to prepare and release it to the Uru community and the world. The initial release of the CyanWorlds.Com Engine includes Cyan Worlds' client and 3ds Max plugin. is especially pleased to simultaneously announce a'moaca' and cjkelly1's Myst Online Server Software (MOSS), a Myst Online: Uru Live Again (MOULa) server replacement. MOSS was largely derived from a'moaca's work on her client protocol Wireshark plugin, a project also hosted on Cyan Worlds cannot release their server code until more is done to clear it for open source, so a'moaca' and cjkelly1's completion of their open source server couldn't have been more perfectly timed. is prepared with tools to support new development of the Engine with MOSS. We welcome all developers, issue reporters and users to contribute to the effort. Contributors can use our Foundry with Atlassian tools such as JIRA, Fisheye and Crucible to manage development projects and Jenkins (previously known as Hudson) for Continuous Integration to produce automated builds.

The Foundry is initially providing executable builds with the sources for both the MOSS server and MOULa client, thanks to the stellar development and preparatory work by a'moaca' and cjkelly1, and Foundry development from rarified.

What is included in this source release from Cyan Worlds:
  • MOULa client engine source
  • MOULa 3ds Max plugin source
  • MOULa supporting Python and SDL files
What is not in this source release from Cyan Worlds:
  • MOULa server code
  • Certain parts of the internal client that deal with customer service support
Further details can be found at ... com_Engine.

Open Uru is an inclusive concept of a community of creative talent and hard work coming together to make new worlds, new stories, and new content - now able to openly use and develop the Engine to empower it. The team presently consists of JWPlatt, Mac_Fife, rarified, a'moaca', cjkelly1 and Chogon. It is hoped that others will join to lead these efforts in the infinite possibilities of Open Uru.

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