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MOUL Avatar Assets Released

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 5:09 pm
by JWPlatt

As many of you may be aware by now, Andy Legate's work for a "Mars Colony Simulation Pilot Used in NASA-based STEM program," using Cyan World's engine, is now public. According to Andy, Mars Colony has had several community members working on it: Andy himself, Ametist, Corvus and Dustin, with Metabasalt as the project lead. Ametist and Corvus helped with models, especially in the early stages. Dustin provided help with Python and a Shard. Chogon calls Andy the "Lead Technical Artist" (the guy that built the rest of it, textured it, lit it up and wired it up in 3ds Max).

You can find the press release here:

But this really has nothing to do with I'm writing about it for a couple of reasons: because these sorts of community collaborations help Cyan and deserve heaps of credit, and to introduce the the following:

MOUL Avatar Assets Released

Andy has been working closely with Cyan in the making of the Mars Colony achievement. More specifically, as part of the project, Andy needed to create avatar space suits, being on Mars and all. Now he believes that our community could benefit from something Cyan shared with him for the project.

So Andy requested, and has obtained, permission from Cyan Worlds to distribute the Avatar Global Clothing 3ds Max files and texture assets. He writes, "They contain ALL the clothing meshes used in MOUL for the avatars, bone structure, and avatar smoothing. This also includes the texture assets for the clothing too!" And, "I'd like to share the files with the community." is happy to facilitate this release for Andy and Cyan.

Applause to Andy Legate and the Mars Colony team for their meaningful and educational creative work and Andy's efforts to bring this latest release of assets from Cyan Worlds to the community! Big round of appreciation, too, to Cyan Worlds for their generosity.

You can download the files here: ... _And_Tools

Please note that only Cyan textures will be available. I am sorting through over one thousand texture files because non Cyan-logoed textures cannot be released. The 3ds Max files are available immediately. The texture assets will be available soon.

Also, Andy has been co-locating his 3ds Max tutorials on the wiki as well as on GoMa, GoW, and Dustin's UamWiki. You can find that work in progress here: ... _Tutorials

Re: MOUL Avatar Assets Released

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:16 pm
by JWPlatt