MOULa Open Source has been re-licensed

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MOULa Open Source has been re-licensed

Post by admin » Fri Oct 21, 2011 6:10 pm

Chogon wrote:Whew! Finally!
Thanks to the efforts of many people, in particular but not limited to: Paradox, JWPlatt, Mac_Fife, Rarified, Hoikas, Branan and Luigi of the Free Software Foundation. And of course, Cyan Worlds Legal.

I have just checked in the updated open sources with the new license under the modified GPLv3 license that should allow open source development on MOULa to flow.
It is checked in at

The elves will start propagating it to the many branches.

Chogon ... 119#378119

On behalf of, rarified reports "All of the OpenUru repositories on the Foundry and BitBucket are now updated with the revised license information."

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