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From the Guild Masters of the GoMe

Post by Leonardo » Wed May 23, 2012 5:00 pm

Every once in a while the Guild of Messengers generates News instead of just reporting about them. This time it may be a shocking one for some of you.
Luna(nne) and I have decided to resign from our positions of Guild Masters for the GoMe.
Unlike what happened in the past for other Guild Masters in other Guilds, our action is not the result of arguments or fights, we are not leaving out of anger or delusion. We are leaving in a peaceful way, we have had a good time as GMs of the Guild and we have happy memories about it. But time has come for us to step back and retire in the shadows of the virtual printing office.
Recently we have felt that we were no longer able to give the right energy to our Guild and we were becoming a weight that was slowing down all the activities and was compromising the possibilities for the future of the GoMe. So, unlike some other GMs, we are choosing to give the opportunity to someone else to use their personal approach to shape the GoMe and give it new energy, before our inactivity starts to be too heavy and bring the rest of the Guild to a dormant state.
Being GMs of the GoMe is sometimes a thankless job that can easily burn up your enthusiasm, for this the Guild of Messengers needs new blood and new energy; we give space to the new generation of Explorers to bring in their ideas.
We will not disappear completely though, we are not leaving the Guild or leaving the community. We will still be Messengers and we will keep spreading news to the Uru world.

The role of the Messenger sometimes is unnoticed by its users, so in this occasion we woud like to thank all the Messengers for doing their job. From the Newspaper Team which has always a heavy duty of putting together articles in these times of lack of real news; to the Translators that diligently and silently translate every News article for the Explorers of their language; to the Cavern Criers that go around the Cavern with their KiMails; to all those who visit the forums and collect News and Events to publish on our home page and Calendar. All your actions and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

We don't know the names of the next Guild Masters, yet. The election process starts now on our Forums, in the Guild Business section where all of you will be able to watch the things evolve as they happen. We will make another announcement when we have the final name, you can be sure.

Thanking all of you for supporting us, for participating in our events and for reading our News,
Leonardo & Luna(nne)

P.S.: I (leo) will remain the OU Liaison

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Re: From the Guild Masters of the GoMe

Post by Lyrositor » Thu May 31, 2012 12:36 am

It gives me great pleasure to announce that, as we were the only two candidates for the position, Doobes and myself are now the new Guild Masters of the Guild of Messengers!
Personally, I'd like to thank the Guild for letting a recently-appointed Translator like myself rise to such lofty heights so quickly. So a great thank you to the Guild, and special thanks to the outgoing GMs, Leonardo and Luna(nne), for their contributions and continuing work for the GoMe!
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