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In Character Forum Now Available At

Post by admin » Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:00 pm


We have had a request to allow alternate accounts for in-character development. We have resisted the idea in the past because it can be prone to abuse. When we say "resisted," it was only internal because no actual requests were made to outwardly deny until now. Now faced with the challenge of how to proceed, we have decided to go in a more progressive direction.

To futher pursue the creative aspects of the Myst & Uru community, and in light of Cyan Worlds' tentative closing of their in-character forums, we have established a protocol to allow alternate accounts.
  1. There is now a usergroup named "Alternates" where anyone can see which accounts are being used as alternates. This provides public notice to help prevent abuse and puts a more appropriate "frame" around IC (In Character) activities on this OOC (Out Of Character) site.
  2. Send a PM from your primary account identifying your alternate account name to the group leaders and briefly explain your intent with the character.
  3. Create the specified account in the usual way and immediately apply for membership in the Alternates usergroup via the User Control Panel's Usergroups tab.
  4. The Explorer Journeys subforum of the Writers Club will entirely contain all IC activity and posts, with a direct link displayed under "Writers Club" from the main index.
  5. All Members and Alternates accounts may post to the IC forums with the understanding that it is for exclusive IC use only. i.e., Alternates are not required, but available.
  6. Alternate accounts may not include themselves in the regular Members usergroup to post elsewhere. Doing so is grounds for account lock of all accounts owned by the same person.
  7. Alternate accounts may not be used as "sockpuppets" or to troll. Doing so is grounds for account lock of all accounts owned by the same person.
  8. Alternate accounts will be blocked from editing the wiki.
  9. Primary accounts of alternates will be kept confidential at the discretion of their owners.
Direct link to the Explorer Journeys subforum: viewforum.php?f=113

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