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Guild Meeting - 08/23/09

Post by Tai'lahr » Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:31 pm

* Chatlog can be found at the end.

JeffeJ5005 Lewis, Council Leader
Dagda Sideways, GoBuilders Guild Master
Tailahr Winnikow, GoPublicists Guild Master
Genny7 Markus, Resident
Ghaelen Winnikow, Resident
Krell Kruh, Resident
Kzru Bruhl, Resident
NomadMolly Nostram, Resident
Nonlinear Tarantal, Resident
Svigermor Dharnen, Resident
Wyn Low, Resident
Indigo Kirax, Roomie
Mara Mirajkar, Roomie

Jeff welcomed everyone and apologized for the lack of meetings the past few weeks due to interference by RL matters.

After a major burst of building on the island in recent months, things have slowed again to allow for the dust to settle, but plans are being made for a project on the perimeter. A neighborhood with apartments will be built on the two center parcels on the North side and include a walking connection to the courtyard at the top of the island. It will also have a connection to the upper platform, and down to the ferry docks. Prim allotments & pricing for the apartments are tba.

There was a recent spate of "musical parcels" when one resident (VHY Aichi [aka Rusty0918]) abandoned four parcels and the Guild of Healers decided this would be a good time to expand and moved there (looking very good; a must visit). Vax Sirnah also decided this was a good time to expand and moved into the GoHealers two former parcels. Tailahr, on the other hand, decided this was a good time to downsize, reduced her store to two parcels and moved them over a bit to make room for the new neighborhood. Everyone seems happy with the results except that we still miss Rusty and are concerned about him. (All efforts to contact him have been unsuccessful. No one really knows where he went off to; if you have any info, please let someone know.) The post office map of residents has also changed to reflect all the changes, so if you're confused about where everyone is living, just take a look at that.

Jeff announced that a new age will be opened at Eder D'Uru by September 1st. Although he didn't state which age it is, he noted that recent updates to the KI HUD included a feature to be used there as it "provides some control features."
...As an aside, Jeff noted that the KI HUD database currently has approximately 450 users; however, only 80 of them have the latest version, and only 29 have actually done the marker calibration, and only 8 of those have actually created a marker mission. Jeff called on everyone to calibrate their KI and encourage others to do so in order to be able to create marker missions. He noted that the markers can be renamed in order to make word scrambles and other fun puzzles. If anyone has any questions or needs assistance with calibration or creating missions, they can contact JeffeJ5005 Lewis or Nadnerb Tebaldi. (KI dispensers can be found in the Great Shaft at Eder D'Uru, in Eder Gira, Minkarta, and now in Devokan. If anyone else would like to host a KI dispenser, contact JeffeJ5005 Lewis.)
...Jeff answered a few questions about the KI HUD, including:
* Do we have to have done the calibration to go to the new age? No.
* Does the new KI require calibration if it had already been done with the previous version? No, that information is stored in the database for each user.
* Several people requested the ability to be able to turn off radar (Age Players List) when not in use as it sometimes causes lag, freezing and crashing. Jeff said he would pass this along to Nadnerb, but noted that he has already requested a "minimize" feature that would make the KI a little icon (and turn off most scripts). He suggested that if enough people request it, perhaps it will encourage Nad to work on it.

...The summer journey is winding down and will be removed Sept. 1st Jeff noted that "it's an awesome journey to learn about many of the residents and the team and there's a cool prize for completing it (so I hear)."
...The Uru Book Club continues with DMom, and Dagda will resume his readings on Monday.
...Monthly Puzzles are still "coming soon." In the meantime, a friend of Jeff's, Xaviens has rezzed a neat light puzzle thing in one of the puzzle rooms. Feel free to sneak on in there and give them a try; the clue is in the entrance.
...Resident news: NomadMolly Nostram reported, "I finally have most of my sound equipment up and running and I have my own shoutcast server now, so look for some live concerts at the venue in the next month or so; its my great experiment."
...Preview for next week: Information about the Nexus "What can we do?!" edition and perhaps the first ever open age development Eder D'Uru has done announcement. More details on both, coming soon :)

An impromptu Welcome Back Party for Jeff & Dagda was held in the courtyard. ; )
[2009/08/23 12:05] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, ready to begin!
[2009/08/23 12:06] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Welcome back everyone to the meetings! I'm sure some of you have come and sat on the hard benches in here with no meeting the past few weeks, and I apologize
[2009/08/23 12:06] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: As always, the meeting will be chatlogged and released later in the week
[2009/08/23 12:06] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Does anyone not have the agenda yet?
[2009/08/23 12:08] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Ok... then lets get started
[2009/08/23 12:08] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Island updates
[2009/08/23 12:08] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We are going to be building a neighborhood near the back of the island. That will be getting built shortly and will include a walking connection from it to the courtyard at the top of the island
[2009/08/23 12:09] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: it will also have a connection from the upper platform, and down to the ferry docks
[2009/08/23 12:10] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: If you have any roomies who are able to afford a smaller place at a cheaper price than a full parcel (but less prims too) feel free to let them know. They'll be available asap as they'll be what's paying for the parcels they're on
[2009/08/23 12:10] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Same as if you have any friends interested in a smaller place as well
[2009/08/23 12:11] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: They'll be a great little starter place, or a cozy little space to call home even if you've been doing stuff in SL for a while.
[2009/08/23 12:11] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: More details on prims and pricing TBA
[2009/08/23 12:11] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: As some may have seen, we've slowed down quite a bit the last month in doing... anything. (Though KI updates haven't been lacking!)
[2009/08/23 12:12] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Now that we're all mostly back, building will begin to pickup again
[2009/08/23 12:12] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Are there any questions/comments/concerns about island updates?
[2009/08/23 12:13] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, moving on to Land Issues/Policies
[2009/08/23 12:13] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Firstly, some may have noticed (or experienced and be part of) a large game of musical parcels
[2009/08/23 12:14] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: This is due to the disappearance of VHY, aka Rusty. No one really knows where he went off to, if you have any info please let someone know :)
[2009/08/23 12:15] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Unfortunately, because of his disappearance, I had no choice but to remove him from his parcel. However, the Guild of Healers have moved into it, and are lookin' good.
[2009/08/23 12:16] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: In addition to that, Vax and Eleri have moved over to the GoH old location, and Tai has moved over into Vax an Eleri's location. In Tai's place will be the neighborhood on the center two parcels
[2009/08/23 12:16] Svigermor Dharnen: raise her hand
[2009/08/23 12:17] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: The post office map of residents has also changed to reflect all the changes, if anyone is as confused as I am about where everyone is living, just take a look at that :)
[2009/08/23 12:17] Dagda Sideways: now molly, you swap with Kzru, Nonlinear can switch with me, Bibi with Svig...
[2009/08/23 12:17] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: >.<
[2009/08/23 12:17] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, yes Svig?
[2009/08/23 12:17] Indigo Kirax: we want everyone to have access to the same level of confusion
[2009/08/23 12:18] Kzru Bruhl: good for me but my renter may want to rip my legs off
[2009/08/23 12:18] Svigermor Dharnen: i was wonder if we can have diffrent music on the parcel bought a player but can't use it to listen to Myst music
[2009/08/23 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Yes, you're able to change the land media to anything you'd like
[2009/08/23 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Talk to me after the meeting or sometime soon and I'll help you out with that :)
[2009/08/23 12:19] Ghaelen Winnikow: the player plays myst music how?
[2009/08/23 12:19] Svigermor Dharnen: ty :))
[2009/08/23 12:19] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: any other questions about land issues or policies
[2009/08/23 12:19] Tailahr Winnikow: She has to link to a server that plays Myst music, Ghaelen.
[2009/08/23 12:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, we'll move on to fun and gadgetry
[2009/08/23 12:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So, coming soon soon to a sim near you... 9 months in the making (it's not a baby) is a new Eder D'uru age!
[2009/08/23 12:21] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Our new age will be available on or before Sept. 1
[2009/08/23 12:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: As some have perhaps seen in the announcements about a KI update, it has been updated for future Eder D'uru projects, this is one of them :)
[2009/08/23 12:22] Tailahr Winnikow: Well, that ought to be a small hint right there. ;)
[2009/08/23 12:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: It's supremely important the HUD is worn in this new age as it provides some control features.
[2009/08/23 12:22] Indigo Kirax never takes her HUD off, even when she sleeps
[2009/08/23 12:23] Kzru Bruhl raises hand
[2009/08/23 12:23] Ghaelen Winnikow: you mean the KI hud?
[2009/08/23 12:23] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I'd like to bring something up too, even though it's not on the agenda
[2009/08/23 12:23] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Indeed, the KI HUD
[2009/08/23 12:23] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: The KI HUD currently has in its user database about 450 users
[2009/08/23 12:23] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: this alone is an awesome feat
[2009/08/23 12:24] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: however, of those 450, only around 80 of them have the latest version, and only around 29 have actually done the marker calibration
[2009/08/23 12:24] Ghaelen Winnikow: ummm, we are supposed to do that?
[2009/08/23 12:24] Kzru Bruhl keeps hand up
[2009/08/23 12:25] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I know Kzru :)
[2009/08/23 12:25] Svigermor Dharnen: is the markergame also new ?
[2009/08/23 12:25] Indigo Kirax: do we have to have done the calibration to go to the new age?
[2009/08/23 12:25] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I'd like to put a call out to everyone to try and encourage folk to do the calibration. It opens up the ability to create your own marker games
[2009/08/23 12:25] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: No, the calibration doesn't have to be done for the new age
[2009/08/23 12:25] Krell Kruh: Does the new KI require one to re calibrate if we did so before
[2009/08/23 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: If you've calibrated with any previous version, another calibration isn't required
[2009/08/23 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: it's all saved in our database :)
[2009/08/23 12:26] Tailahr Winnikow: Big Brother is Watching You. ;)
[2009/08/23 12:26] Wyn Low: How Orwellian.
[2009/08/23 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We don't use the info gathered for our wold domination plans in any way :)
[2009/08/23 12:26] Wyn Low: For now....
[2009/08/23 12:26] Genny7 Markus: yet
[2009/08/23 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: XD
[2009/08/23 12:26] Dagda Sideways: :D
[2009/08/23 12:26] Kzru Bruhl: much
[2009/08/23 12:26] Tailahr Winnikow: No, that's a separate HUD to be released next year. ;)
[2009/08/23 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: haha, yes, Tai
[2009/08/23 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: don't let out plan X yet Tai!!!
[2009/08/23 12:27] Indigo Kirax: too late . . .
[2009/08/23 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I mean... free cookies!
[2009/08/23 12:27] Tailahr Winnikow eeps.
[2009/08/23 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Uhm, back on track
[2009/08/23 12:27] Indigo Kirax: (she's not!)
[2009/08/23 12:27] Nonlinear Tarantal: hehe, that means you are still on Plan 9?
[2009/08/23 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: so yes, call out to all to do calibration and encourage others to do it as well, and also make marker missions
[2009/08/23 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: out of the 30 calibrated, only 8 actually have made 1 marker mission
[2009/08/23 12:28] Ghaelen Winnikow: and don't tell anyone the Healers are out to balance the world, either
[2009/08/23 12:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: They can be renamed etc. and make wordscrambles
[2009/08/23 12:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: just ask me or nadnerb for help if you need it
[2009/08/23 12:28] Kzru Bruhl starts to wiggle in his seat like a little kid
[2009/08/23 12:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: And svig, the marker calibration has been in the KI HUD since the first release, it was the first feature
[2009/08/23 12:28] Tailahr Winnikow: Sorry Kzru, but the bathrooms haven't been built yet.
[2009/08/23 12:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: and... there was this guy named Kzru... but he seems to have turned into a kid... I'll still call on him. yes little Kzru?
[2009/08/23 12:29] Kzru Bruhl: ummumm ungle jeffy we need a way to turn off the radar or people are going to get kicked from there RP sims
[2009/08/23 12:29] Kzru Bruhl: as its eating 2.0 on some sims
[2009/08/23 12:29] Kzru Bruhl: all raidars are bad
[2009/08/23 12:30] Kzru Bruhl: 20 people all with a raidar will crash a main land sim
[2009/08/23 12:30] Tailahr Winnikow: Is the radar what tells you who's in chat range?
[2009/08/23 12:30] Kzru Bruhl: yep
[2009/08/23 12:30] Krell Kruh: The KI has a radar
[2009/08/23 12:30] Kzru Bruhl: need a way to turn it off
[2009/08/23 12:30] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I keep pushing Nadnerb to make a "minimize" button that will make the KI a little icon (and turn off most scripts)
[2009/08/23 12:30] Kzru Bruhl: no it still runs in the back ground
[2009/08/23 12:30] Tailahr Winnikow: Submit a feature request to Nad.
[2009/08/23 12:30] Kzru Bruhl nods
[2009/08/23 12:30] Ghaelen Winnikow: I have to leave it off most of the time or I start freezing up, unfortunately
[2009/08/23 12:31] Kzru Bruhl: thats the radar
[2009/08/23 12:31] Ghaelen Winnikow: yeah
[2009/08/23 12:31] Kzru Bruhl: its low lagg for on but still bad
[2009/08/23 12:31] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Unfortunately, I'm not a scripter, but I will pass along the message
[2009/08/23 12:31] Wyn Low: To Nad or MiniLuv, Jeff?
[2009/08/23 12:31] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Hopefully others saying they want a minimize feature (there is a button on the HUD afterall like in uru...) will get him to do it
[2009/08/23 12:32] Tailahr Winnikow: Okee, everybuddy spam Nad with their KI requests now. ;)
[2009/08/23 12:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I'm thinking a one click turns age players list off, 2nd click makes the whole KI a little icon in the top left?
[2009/08/23 12:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: then when you click the icon it all comes back on?
[2009/08/23 12:32] Krell Kruh: sounds like a plan
[2009/08/23 12:33] Kzru Bruhl: good plan
[2009/08/23 12:33] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: K :)
[2009/08/23 12:33] Ghaelen Winnikow: I have a radar device that let's me see who is on, but ony searches when I click it and doesn't run constantly. That one doesn't cause me to freeze
[2009/08/23 12:33] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Pass that along to Nadnerb everyone, I'll do the same... he's away until tomorrow, so it should be a lovely surprise for him :)
[2009/08/23 12:33] Krell Kruh: Emerald has one of those also
[2009/08/23 12:34] Indigo Kirax: just so he knows we missed him . . .
[2009/08/23 12:34] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: :D exactly!
[2009/08/23 12:34] Tailahr Winnikow: (did y'all notice his awesome new throne?)
[2009/08/23 12:34] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Just mention "I'd like a minimize KI feature on the HUD please! Jeffe will give you a cookie"
[2009/08/23 12:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: anyways, moving on from the KI stuff (do yer calibrations, I'm watching you!)
[2009/08/23 12:35] Ghaelen Winnikow: or Indigo will give you a brownie
[2009/08/23 12:35] Kzru Bruhl: umm ikl hasel ancil
[2009/08/23 12:35] Indigo Kirax: brownies for everyone!
[2009/08/23 12:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: award for the 50th person to do the calibration maybe?
[2009/08/23 12:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: :D
[2009/08/23 12:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: anyways...
[2009/08/23 12:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OH, for those who don't have a KI HUD, find it in the great shaft rest stop :)
[2009/08/23 12:36] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: use the KI dispenser
[2009/08/23 12:36] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: we also have one in Eder Gira and Devokan
[2009/08/23 12:36] Tailahr Winnikow: And Minkarta, too, right?
[2009/08/23 12:36] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Oh, right :D
[2009/08/23 12:36] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: if anyone else has a location they'd like one in another sim, just let me know :)
[2009/08/23 12:36] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, moving on
[2009/08/23 12:37] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: finally
[2009/08/23 12:37] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: The summer journey is winding down and will be removed Sept. 1st
[2009/08/23 12:37] Tailahr Winnikow: There's a cool prize for completing it. ;)
[2009/08/23 12:37] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: It's an awesome journey to learn about many of the residents and the team and there's a cool prize for completting it (so I hear)
[2009/08/23 12:38] Ghaelen Winnikow makes a note to self -- take a journey!
[2009/08/23 12:38] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: uru book club continues to do readings, mostly dudemom, Dagda is physically back, but he's still sorta empty mentally
[2009/08/23 12:38] Indigo Kirax: aww, poor Dagda
[2009/08/23 12:38] JeffeJ5005 Lewis stares into Dagda's empty eyes
[2009/08/23 12:38] Dagda Sideways stares emptily back
[2009/08/23 12:38] Ghaelen Winnikow: more relaxed now, though, we hope
[2009/08/23 12:38] Indigo Kirax: empty relaxed person!
[2009/08/23 12:39] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Lights are on but nobody's home!
[2009/08/23 12:39] Tailahr Winnikow: Hopefully not TOO relaxed.
[2009/08/23 12:39] Dagda Sideways: lol
[2009/08/23 12:39] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: anyways...
[2009/08/23 12:39] Indigo Kirax: give him a few days . . .
[2009/08/23 12:39] Ghaelen Winnikow: yeah, he'll tense right up
[2009/08/23 12:39] Indigo Kirax: we'll fill his brain up with junk! :D
[2009/08/23 12:39] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: and monthly puzzle coming soon still maybe probably we'll have a meeting or something it's getting repetitive that we keep bringing it up but it'll happen eventually wow long run on sentence sorry :P
[2009/08/23 12:40] Tailahr Winnikow: Well, there's hope on the horizon now. ;)
[2009/08/23 12:40] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: :D
[2009/08/23 12:40] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Well, that's it for us, anything we missed from anyone?
[2009/08/23 12:41] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Oh, I remember... though we haven't actually done anything monthly puzzle-ish, Xaviens (a good friend of mine) rezzed a neat light puzzle thing in the puzzle rooms
[2009/08/23 12:41] NomadMolly Nostram: some news from me
[2009/08/23 12:41] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: feel free to sneak on in there and give them a try, the clue is in the entrance
[2009/08/23 12:41] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Ok, yes Molly?
[2009/08/23 12:41] NomadMolly Nostram: I finally have most of my sound eqiupment up and running'
[2009/08/23 12:41] NomadMolly Nostram: and I have my own shoutcast server now
[2009/08/23 12:41] NomadMolly Nostram: so look for some live concerts at the venue in the next month or so
[2009/08/23 12:42] NomadMolly Nostram: its my great experiment
[2009/08/23 12:43] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: :)
[2009/08/23 12:44] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: anything else from anyone today?
[2009/08/23 12:44] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, I'll sum up then
[2009/08/23 12:46] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So, Dagda is sorta back, lots of changes, but still little action all at the same time. It's awesome, I love it! Uh, cool new developments coming, keep an eye on those, should be fun. Oh, and, Do your KI calibration! Meeting calibrated! I mean, meeting adjourned!

[2009/08/23 12:46] Tailahr Winnikow claps her hands.
[2009/08/23 12:47] Indigo Kirax: excellent summing up :)
[2009/08/23 12:47] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Just a preview for next week too
[2009/08/23 12:48] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Preview: Information about the Nexus "What can we do?!" edition and perhaps the first ever open age development Eder D'Uru has done announcement. More details on both, coming soon :)

[2009/08/23 12:48] Kzru Bruhl raises hand and wiggles a bit: unky jeffy when do we get our cookies?
[2009/08/23 12:48] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I said they were free, so hopefully they're out roaming the pastures
[2009/08/23 12:48] Ghaelen Winnikow looks over at Kzru and laughs "You'll need lots of cookies."
[2009/08/23 12:49] Tailahr Winnikow: Would brownies do?
[2009/08/23 12:49] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: yeah, talk to indigo, she's the one with the brownies!
[2009/08/23 12:49] Indigo Kirax passes the platter of brownies up to the front . ..
[2009/08/23 12:49] Krell Kruh: depends on the brownies
[2009/08/23 12:49] Ghaelen Winnikow passes the lot to Kzru
[2009/08/23 12:49] Kzru Bruhl taks a brownie and pass them back smiling
[2009/08/23 12:49] Ghaelen Winnikow: lol
[2009/08/23 12:49] Krell Kruh: I don't want one after jeffe sata on them
[2009/08/23 12:49] Indigo Kirax: more brownies available in the Retreat on the summer journey :)
[2009/08/23 12:50] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: :D
[2009/08/23 12:50] Krell Kruh: what did he pass.....
[2009/08/23 12:50] Indigo Kirax: LOL
[2009/08/23 12:50] Brownie: Mmmmm ... this brownie makes me feel good!
[2009/08/23 12:50] Wyn Low: range cookies?
[2009/08/23 12:50] Ghaelen Winnikow: yum
[2009/08/23 12:50] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: yes Wyn
[2009/08/23 12:50] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I let them out of their cage
[2009/08/23 12:50] Tailahr Winnikow: Only in Eder D'Uru... lol
[2009/08/23 12:50] Wyn Low: And how are you going to collect them back?
[2009/08/23 12:50] Wyn Low: Or will you have them leaving a trail of cookie crumbs all over the sim?
[2009/08/23 12:51] Indigo Kirax: ummm, I don't think we want them back
[2009/08/23 12:51] Tailahr Winnikow: Geez, Wyn asks the hard-hitting questions.
[2009/08/23 12:51] Indigo Kirax: after you've eaten them!
[2009/08/23 12:51] Dagda Sideways: he has this special whistle only desserts can hear
[2009/08/23 12:51] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I'm going to domesticate one and ride it, then put on a cowboy hat and a lasso and gather them up
[2009/08/23 12:51] Wyn Low: So the cookies are really Chocobos?
[2009/08/23 12:51] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: That too
[2009/08/23 12:51] Indigo Kirax: LOL @ everyone here
[2009/08/23 12:51] Tailahr Winnikow: Can we go dance in the courtyard, now?
[2009/08/23 12:52] Tailahr Winnikow: It's a Welcome Back Dagda & Jeffy party.
[2009/08/23 12:52] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Of course, I d'no what y'all are still doing here... meeting calibrated!


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