Guild Meeting 5/17/09

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Guild Meeting 5/17/09

Post by JeffLewis » Sun May 17, 2009 6:03 pm

We're starting our first weekly guild and council meeting today at 12 SL time (3pm Eastern) These will be weekly on Sundays. We'll discuss upcoming changes effecting everyone, as well as take suggestions and concerns from residents and guild members. It will take place in-world in Second Life in the Eder D Uru guild hall.
[2009/05/17 12:02] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: All the guild areas are labeled
[2009/05/17 12:02] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: feel free to sit anywhere really, but preferably with the guild you're in
[2009/05/17 12:07] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: if the 5 could please pass out the notecard to those sitting in their section today, that'd be helpful :)
[2009/05/17 12:08] JeffeJ5005 Lewis gave you Eder D'Uru Council Meeting Agenda 5/17/09.
[2009/05/17 12:10] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So, you should have all received the notecard agenda of today's meeting
[2009/05/17 12:10] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Let me go over it quickly, on what it all means and how it is all organized
[2009/05/17 12:10] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: and then I'll go over a quick etiquette for the meeting on how we'd like to run things
[2009/05/17 12:11] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: The notecard is organized with any major notes being at the top.
[2009/05/17 12:11] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Each week anything major will be listed there
[2009/05/17 12:11] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: This week, I absent mindedly forgot to put in that Eleri is absent this week, and Adeon is the new scripter head (for the time being at least)
[2009/05/17 12:11] DeAnn Dufaux: who was the old scripter head?
[2009/05/17 12:12] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Jason Alcott and/or Rick Carlos
[2009/05/17 12:12] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: same person
[2009/05/17 12:12] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: He's left us to do different things in life, and will no longer be part of the project
[2009/05/17 12:13] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: There are 4 main categories each week. Island updates: what are we doing and creating basically, including new ages. Land issues/policies, this is where we talk about standards that we are setting, or open up for concerns relating to residents
[2009/05/17 12:14] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Fun and Gagetry is where we'll cover smaller things, like events or the games we play... such as the monthly puzzles, which we'll be hearing a bit about today as well
[2009/05/17 12:14] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We also have an other category for any concerns left over that don't fit anywhere else, or for residents to speak freely
[2009/05/17 12:15] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Please use that area to bring up concerns not relating to the other categories.
[2009/05/17 12:15] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Now on to basic meeting etiquette
[2009/05/17 12:15] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We will be chatlogging these meetings. They will be made available in formatted form in both notecard form in-world or on our blog or in our forum area on
[2009/05/17 12:16] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: For those presenting new ideas, or when one of the 5 talks, they will stand where I currently am as to allow better viewing and to stand out. This includes guild members or residents (council) who need to share concerns with everyone
[2009/05/17 12:16] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: You are however welcome to stay in your seat... it is encouraged to stand here
[2009/05/17 12:17] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Also, discussion should only be open to everyone at a point when the speaker specifically asks. This is to ensure a swift meeting. If you have strong feelings about a subject, feel free to say positive cheers, or negative jeers about what the person is talking about, but do not discuss until asked to do so by them, or one of us
[2009/05/17 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: That covers the basics of our meetings.
[2009/05/17 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Now on to the subject matter for this week
[2009/05/17 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Island updates: Continual building
[2009/05/17 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Feel free to interject team, if I miss anything :)
[2009/05/17 12:19] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We continue to add new things all over the place and expansion is going well
[2009/05/17 12:19] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We have many projects we're getting underway and have only slowed down this past week due to many personal concerns many of us have been having
[2009/05/17 12:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: But this coming week should start to pick up again and you'll see new things all the time like has been going on approximately this past month
[2009/05/17 12:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Next on the list is ferry madness.
[2009/05/17 12:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: As some of you may have seen we have a green and yellow line ferry in place now
[2009/05/17 12:21] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Yellow line runs fine, but we had some issues with green line, so we have disabled it for the time being
[2009/05/17 12:21] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We'll continue to work and improve them. Feel free to play with them and let me know your suggestions on them privately when and if you think of anything. It'd be greatly appreciated :
[2009/05/17 12:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Is there any concerns that the guilds or council members would like to bring to our attention about the island or ages?
[2009/05/17 12:22] Tailahr Winnikow: Is there any way to allow people other than Nad to reset the scripts? That might be helpful.
[2009/05/17 12:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Nad, do you have an answer?
[2009/05/17 12:23] Nadnerb Tebaldi: resetting them can be worse ...
[2009/05/17 12:23] Tailahr Winnikow: Ah, okay.
[2009/05/17 12:23] Nadnerb Tebaldi: if they're reset when they're far from station 0, they're likely to fail to return properly
[2009/05/17 12:23] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Can we move onto the next subject?
[2009/05/17 12:24] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I'll take the silence as yes :)
[2009/05/17 12:24] Dhelayan Slade: i got a question regarding building in here
[2009/05/17 12:24] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Please wait till the land issues and policies for that Dhel :)
[2009/05/17 12:25] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, now we're at the land issues and policies. We have nothing to present, so any concerns. Oh, yes Dhel? :P
[2009/05/17 12:26] Dhelayan Slade: LOL :D i had the idea of building more myst and dni places like the Kveer room, is it possible that i can build them here or are there issues with the Prims then?
[2009/05/17 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Our policy on public building has not changed
[2009/05/17 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: That policy, for those that don't know...
[2009/05/17 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: is you build it, you clean it... if you don't we won't waste time to return it to you :)
[2009/05/17 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So, tidy up after yourself, and we're fine
[2009/05/17 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: for larger things, I reccomend using the classroom area
[2009/05/17 12:27] Kzru Bruhl: raises hand
[2009/05/17 12:27] Nadnerb Tebaldi: sounds like that goes around his question.
[2009/05/17 12:27] Dagda Sideways: I think he might be asking about something more permanent, is that right, dhel?
[2009/05/17 12:27] Nadnerb Tebaldi: yes.
[2009/05/17 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Ah
[2009/05/17 12:27] Tailahr Winnikow: And, if you have a bigger, more permanent idea, then join th Builders and present it to them.
[2009/05/17 12:27] Dhelayan Slade: yep, like a re-creation of the room
[2009/05/17 12:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: For permanent structures, yes, contact the builders guild
[2009/05/17 12:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We're open to questions and comments on what to build through the builders guild, and should I be looking for a new builder to join the island team, that is the first place I'll look :)
[2009/05/17 12:28] Kzru Bruhl: i have a parcel im to busy to build on so if you ont own a parcel you could borrow that for awile
[2009/05/17 12:29] Tailahr Winnikow: Oh, Kzru, are you interested in selling?
[2009/05/17 12:29] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Talk about that privately later Tai, please :)
[2009/05/17 12:29] Kzru Bruhl: no
[2009/05/17 12:29] Tailahr Winnikow: Oh, good, we wouldn't want you to leave us.
[2009/05/17 12:29] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Though, I suppose we could bring that up for a moment
[2009/05/17 12:30] Kzru Bruhl: but if some one wants to borrow my parcel for a d'ni build im me
[2009/05/17 12:30] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: If any resident is open to selling one of or all their parcel, we have some interest. We'd be sad to lose you however. But you are also welcome to rent your parcel out. Please contact Myself or Tai for more info on selling or renting.
[2009/05/17 12:30] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: And Kzru has offered his parcel up, so please contact him for building on it
[2009/05/17 12:30] Dhelayan Slade: i just did ;)
[2009/05/17 12:30] Nalates Urriah holds hand up
[2009/05/17 12:31] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Yes, Nalates?
[2009/05/17 12:31] Nalates Urriah: For those that may not know the IBM sandboxes do a weekly cleanup... this means things can stay for up to a week... handy for weekend building
[2009/05/17 12:31] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Thanks for the tip!
[2009/05/17 12:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Is there any other concerns from residents about land issues and policies?
[2009/05/17 12:32] Tailahr Winnikow: Jeff, can you address the issue of overhanging prims again?
[2009/05/17 12:32] Svigermor Dharnen: holds hand up
[2009/05/17 12:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: yes, Svig, and then I will Tai
[2009/05/17 12:33] Svigermor Dharnen: regarding to the building does that include the back wall in our own parcels
[2009/05/17 12:33] Nadnerb Tebaldi: speaking of 'overhanging' <.<
[2009/05/17 12:34] Svigermor Dharnen: so u have to go through guild of buildres if u want to change any thing
[2009/05/17 12:34] Nadnerb Tebaldi: I notice some people have built docks for the green ferry line. I would like to think that this is considered okay... (@council)
[2009/05/17 12:34] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Your individual parcels are just that, yours. However, we still have the policy of not being able to see the outside world. You're welcome to change your pracel as you like, but don't open up the back wall if it can be seen from the center of the cavern
[2009/05/17 12:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We'll let you know if something is amiss on your parcels, but otherwise no new rule changes are taking place :)
[2009/05/17 12:35] Tailahr Winnikow: Nad, the docks all have to be anchored onto their own parcels.
[2009/05/17 12:35] NomadMolly Nostram holds up hand
[2009/05/17 12:35] Nadnerb Tebaldi: okay, I'd like to say some stuff about that then.
[2009/05/17 12:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: All the docks, except one, are on their parcel too, but yes, feel free Nad
[2009/05/17 12:36] Nadnerb Tebaldi: it is dangerous for the ferries to manuver too close to the outer boundary, because it will collide with the land, so docks need to stretch a reasonable distance into the main parcel. Also, once a dock is placed, it should be considered permanent..
[2009/05/17 12:36] Nadnerb Tebaldi: one of the docks was removed..
[2009/05/17 12:37] Nadnerb Tebaldi: and has caused problems with the green line failing in one of the corners of the sim
[2009/05/17 12:37] NomadMolly Nostram raises hand again
[2009/05/17 12:37] Tailahr Winnikow: Perhaps the builders should consider installing the docks themselves and just allow people to create their own walkways to them?
[2009/05/17 12:37] Kzru Bruhl: how far should the over hang be?
[2009/05/17 12:37] Nadnerb Tebaldi: around 6-10m
[2009/05/17 12:37] Nadnerb Tebaldi: ideally
[2009/05/17 12:37] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I can see there is much need for discussion on this :)
[2009/05/17 12:38] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Molly I saw your hand frist
[2009/05/17 12:38] Tailahr Winnikow: Yes, and please remember that our residents are at all levels of building experience.
[2009/05/17 12:38] NomadMolly Nostram: thanks Jeff
[2009/05/17 12:38] NomadMolly Nostram: I notice a small dock for the green ferry
[2009/05/17 12:38] Nadnerb Tebaldi: Tai > I have done that in some cases
[2009/05/17 12:38] NomadMolly Nostram: next to the stage
[2009/05/17 12:38] NomadMolly Nostram: I love the idea of the ferry stopping
[2009/05/17 12:38] NomadMolly Nostram: but not there
[2009/05/17 12:38] Nadnerb Tebaldi: correct.. I wasn't sure if you wanted a dock there..
[2009/05/17 12:39] Nadnerb Tebaldi: if you do, could you place a dock before the next ferry update..
[2009/05/17 12:39] NomadMolly Nostram: I will be happy to
[2009/05/17 12:39] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Right, the green line we have setup now was sort of a test run to see how it all worked. We're still hard at work making it just right :) We'll have to work on discussing it more for sure
[2009/05/17 12:39] Nadnerb Tebaldi: okay. :)
[2009/05/17 12:39] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: as for builders creating docks, would any of the residents be opposed to this?
[2009/05/17 12:40] DeAnn Dufaux: I should think it would be best that way for consistency
[2009/05/17 12:40] Tailahr Winnikow: Agreed.
[2009/05/17 12:40] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We would essentially place a platform large enough to stand on, and the resident would create the connection to it
[2009/05/17 12:40] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: No opposition?
[2009/05/17 12:40] Tailahr Winnikow: Make the docks simple and few and let residents build walkways to them.
[2009/05/17 12:40] Kzru Bruhl nods: dont mind that it will look nicer all being the same
AGREED: Wyn Low, NomadMolly Nostram, DeAnn Dufaux, Dagda Sideways, Genny7 Markus, Krell Kruh, Svigermor Dharnen
[2009/05/17 12:41] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Ok, awesome. I'll be sure to contact you all individually about where the placement needs to be before we place the next ferry update
[2009/05/17 12:42] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Any other concerns about land or policies?
[2009/05/17 12:42] Svigermor Dharnen: raise hand
[2009/05/17 12:43] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Yes, Svig?
[2009/05/17 12:43] Svigermor Dharnen: there was some guys in city to day what if some like that camees here and noone of u is online
[2009/05/17 12:44] Svigermor Dharnen: Colorado had to band them
[2009/05/17 12:44] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: One of the five of us should be online. If we are not, please send us an offline instant message including the name of the person, what they did, and if they continued after you politely asked to stop
[2009/05/17 12:44] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Almost all of us have our IMs sent to e-mail
[2009/05/17 12:44] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: so we'll get it and login hopefully if we're around :)
[2009/05/17 12:45] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, onto my concerns
[2009/05/17 12:46] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Sorry for the lack of some categories in the notecard for discussion folks, we're new to this just as much as all of you :)
[2009/05/17 12:46] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So, the overhanging prims are barely a problem anymore however Genny and Astro have one each
[2009/05/17 12:47] Tailahr Winnikow: Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to bring them back onto your own parcels.
[2009/05/17 12:47] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Astro's is the sign on the top of the parcel, and Genny, I'll have to lookup what yours is :)
[2009/05/17 12:47] Genny7 Markus: sorry about that
[2009/05/17 12:47] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: DeAnn, you have one as well, it is the sign for your shop on the top walkway
[2009/05/17 12:47] DeAnn Dufaux: ok
[2009/05/17 12:47] DeAnn Dufaux: I'll take care of it
[2009/05/17 12:47] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: if these can be fixed, that'd be awesome and we would appreciate it greatly :)
[2009/05/17 12:48] Tailahr Winnikow: Instead of adding a prim to anchor the sign, try expanding its width and just moving it back.
[2009/05/17 12:48] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: indeed
[2009/05/17 12:48] DeAnn Dufaux: ok
[2009/05/17 12:48] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: great suggestion
[2009/05/17 12:48] Tailahr Winnikow: er, depth^
[2009/05/17 12:48] DeAnn Dufaux: and I apologize. I didn't realize
[2009/05/17 12:48] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Also, relating to that. The parcel of the month this month was Bibi. I'm working on a small trophy for folks to receive and display.
[2009/05/17 12:49] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Of course another version will be placed in the pub for all to see who has won it
[2009/05/17 12:49] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: we have a nicely growing trophy collection
[2009/05/17 12:49] Tailahr Winnikow: Please drop by the Post Office to vote each month.
[2009/05/17 12:49] Kzru Bruhl: wwooott
[2009/05/17 12:49] NomadMolly Nostram raises hand
[2009/05/17 12:49] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Yes, Molly?
[2009/05/17 12:49] NomadMolly Nostram: I'm ...well...sort of opposed to this sort of thing. voting. trophies. I do not want to be considered
[2009/05/17 12:50] Tailahr Winnikow: Okay, no problem.
[2009/05/17 12:50] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Ok, yes, you're welcome to be taken out of the voting. While on the subject, is anyone else interested in being taken out?
[2009/05/17 12:51] Nadnerb Tebaldi: well, the trophies so far were only given out to the people who did well in some of the games we hosted..
[2009/05/17 12:51] Nadnerb Tebaldi: ie, heek and the KI calibration missions
[2009/05/17 12:51] Tailahr Winnikow: It's just another way to encourage the residents to build in the D'ni influenced style.
[2009/05/17 12:51] NomadMolly Nostram: I understand
[2009/05/17 12:51] Nadnerb Tebaldi: unless, you're referring to Tai's trophies.
[2009/05/17 12:51] NomadMolly Nostram: but it has a competive feel and I'd rather avoid that
[2009/05/17 12:51] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: You're perfectly welcome to :)
[2009/05/17 12:51] Nadnerb Tebaldi: (clarification here?)
[2009/05/17 12:51] Tailahr Winnikow: Nothing wrong with rewarding people for making something nice that contributes to the ambience of the sim.
[2009/05/17 12:52] Dagda Sideways: I personally think of it as celebratory
[2009/05/17 12:52] NomadMolly Nostram: well I'm not asking anyone else to pull out but I wish to
[2009/05/17 12:52] Tailahr Winnikow: And, that's fine.
[2009/05/17 12:52] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We'll move on to the next subject. I can see the land and policies are a huge subject that we might have to divide a bit. I'm sorry if your concern cannot be heard today, please contact us directly or save it until next week as we're running close to the end time now :)
[2009/05/17 12:53] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: As for fun and Gadgetry, Dagda will cover this subject :)
[2009/05/17 12:53] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: since he's got most of the events currently going on :)
[2009/05/17 12:53] Dagda Sideways: hi all ㋡
[2009/05/17 12:54] Dagda Sideways: I'll be talking about some of the events that will be going on this week
[2009/05/17 12:54] Dagda Sideways: the guild of builders level 2 building classes are progressing nicely
[2009/05/17 12:54] Dagda Sideways: we'll be starting our second week tomorrow
[2009/05/17 12:54] Dagda Sideways: and soon after that ends we'll be starting another round of level 1 classes, for anyone who missed out the first time
[2009/05/17 12:55] Dagda Sideways: contact either myself or DeAnn if you'd like more information
[2009/05/17 12:56] Krell Kruh: Not that I need it, but the timing did not work for me.
[2009/05/17 12:56] Dagda Sideways: the Uru Book Club is also pushing on, and we'll be starting a new book sometime this week in my sessions. Suggestions are welcome for our next book
[2009/05/17 12:56] Dagda Sideways: we'll probably be reconsidering the times of the classes the next time around, Krell, and may tweek them a bit
[2009/05/17 12:58] Dagda Sideways: we'll also be holding a playdate this week
[2009/05/17 12:59] Dagda Sideways: this week we'll be in the fairgrounds shooting gallery
[2009/05/17 12:59] Svigermor Dharnen: raises hand
[2009/05/17 12:59] Dagda Sideways: so that'll be at 4pm slt on thursday
[2009/05/17 13:00] Dagda Sideways: yes, svig?
[2009/05/17 13:00] Svigermor Dharnen: if there any chance to made some we can attend to
[2009/05/17 13:00] Dagda Sideways: is the time difficult for you?
[2009/05/17 13:01] Tailahr Winnikow: Residents can plan events, too. And, we'll be glad to help them do it.
[2009/05/17 13:01] Svigermor Dharnen: indeed it is it's in the middle of the night
[2009/05/17 13:01] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Definately that, what Tai said :)
[2009/05/17 13:01] NomadMolly Nostram raises hand
[2009/05/17 13:01] Dagda Sideways: if you're interested in an earlier edition, then we can try to work something out and we'd appreciate help ㋡
[2009/05/17 13:02] Svigermor Dharnen: that would bee great we feel like some kind of outsiders
[2009/05/17 13:02] Tailahr Winnikow: Awww
[2009/05/17 13:02] Dagda Sideways: we can't have that going on! talk to us after the meeting
[2009/05/17 13:02] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Indeed
[2009/05/17 13:02] Tailahr Winnikow: Yes, please, Svig.
[2009/05/17 13:03] Dagda Sideways: ok, molly was next
[2009/05/17 13:03] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We want to do as much as we can for your time zone as we can :)
[2009/05/17 13:03] NomadMolly Nostram: thanks Dagda
[2009/05/17 13:03] Dagda Sideways: as we can :P
[2009/05/17 13:03] Svigermor Dharnen: ty so much :))
[2009/05/17 13:03] NomadMolly Nostram: concerning events I will be launching my own music server soon. if you folks need music for any events please let me know
[2009/05/17 13:04] NomadMolly Nostram: I just bought a nice Korg sythesizer and i can make all kinds of music now
[2009/05/17 13:04] Dagda Sideways: that sounds great
[2009/05/17 13:05] Dagda Sideways: as the guild of planners starts going, there will be more official channels for these kinds of collaborations
[2009/05/17 13:05] Dagda Sideways: that'll be true for all of the guilds
[2009/05/17 13:05] Dagda Sideways: do you have anything else to ask, molly?
[2009/05/17 13:05] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I know we've been saying it for a while, but we really mean it! :P
[2009/05/17 13:06] Dagda Sideways: or events you'd like to mention?
[2009/05/17 13:06] NomadMolly Nostram: not yet, but I'm working on the ability to broadcast an entire live band from my house
[2009/05/17 13:06] Dagda Sideways: (or anyone else, just raise your hand)
[2009/05/17 13:06] Dagda Sideways: ok, keep us all informed of progress ㋡
[2009/05/17 13:07] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I'd like to mention that I'm thinking of either doing my own book club event on wednesdays at the old SWN time, or, bring back Spoken Word Night to SL. If you have any interest in me doing either of those, please let me know privately after the meeting some time
[2009/05/17 13:10] Dagda Sideways: the last thing I'd like to mention is the upcoming development of the puzzle rooms
[2009/05/17 13:10] Dagda Sideways: I'm going to start this week on putting a team together from the builders and scripters (if we can find any :P) to start using the two round puzzle rooms
[2009/05/17 13:11] Dagda Sideways: Tai's journeys will also be collaborating with this whole project
[2009/05/17 13:12] Dagda Sideways: I'm hoping we'll have our first full-scale puzzle released by July
[2009/05/17 13:12] Dagda Sideways: (and if I'm good about it, I might get one of my own together earlier than that)
[2009/05/17 13:12] Tailahr Winnikow: In the meantime, hopefully, we'll have another mini-journey for June. In any case, the May one will be taken down at the end of the month.
[2009/05/17 13:14] Dagda Sideways: okee, so there's a lot coming up in the near future
[2009/05/17 13:15] Dagda Sideways: if there weren't any other plans, we should move on to the last section of the meeting
[2009/05/17 13:15] Dagda Sideways: we're already over time so I'll hand it back to jeffy
[2009/05/17 13:15] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Usually our meetings will end at 4 Eastern time, or 1pm SLT
[2009/05/17 13:15] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: since that enters dinner time, or bedtime territory for many
[2009/05/17 13:16] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So we've gone over today
[2009/05/17 13:16] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So I'll do the end stuff really quick
[2009/05/17 13:16] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Just want to point out Adeon is here and leading the sripters now. He's gonna take some time getting started and stuff, but it'll be great when he does :)
[2009/05/17 13:16] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: he's also on the main team, so he'll be creating stuff for us all to enjoy as well
[2009/05/17 13:17] Adeon Writer waves hello
[2009/05/17 13:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We chose the Sunday time as it fits many people's schedules. If there's ever an issue with the time, please let us know and we'll be sure to send you a chatlog, otherwise they will be available on in the forums or on our blog at
[2009/05/17 13:19] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Major votes that include residents will be asked upon the residents missing before a final choice is made
[2009/05/17 13:19] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: But it helps if residents are available at the time of meeting, or notify me of their absence
[2009/05/17 13:19] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: this first week was a freebie, but please try and let one of us know if you wont' be attending that week
[2009/05/17 13:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Other than that, thank you for attending. Sorry if your concerns were not answered today. Please ask us privately if that is a viable option, otherwise we'll be glad to hear it next week!
[2009/05/17 13:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Meeting adjourned!


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