Guild of Builders Workshop Planning Meeting 6/9/09

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Guild of Builders Workshop Planning Meeting 6/9/09

Post by Dagda » Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:43 am

Eder D'Uru Guild of Builders
Workshop Planning Meeting 6/9/09, 1PM SLT

Purpose of Meeting:
To discuss topics and choose organizers for future one-session building workshops.

In Attendance:
Dagda Sideways - Grand Master and Course Instructor
DeAnn Dufaux - Course Instructor
Tailahr Winnikow - Course Aide
Ishtar Roussel - Course Aide
granelda Oh
Generator Schism
JeffeJ5005 Lewis
Zedra Benoir

We came up with a number of interesting ideas for workshops, as well as other events and resources. Proposed workshops include (in no particular order):
  • Making Polygons, proposed by granelda Oh
  • Inventory Management, proposed by granelda Oh
  • Marketing in SL, proposed by Ishtar Roussel
  • More About Nanoprims, proposed by DeAnn Dufaux
  • Phun with Physics, proposed by Tailahr Winnikow
  • *SL Vendors, propsed by Zedra Benoir/JeffeJ5005 Lewis
  • *Architecture in SL, proposed by Generator Schism
*Needs an organizer

Other ideas came up during the meeting, including the following:
  • Freebie Building Tools List and possible workshop, organized by Tailahr Winnikow
  • Builders Forum, organized by JeffeJ5005 Lewis
  • SL 101 Tips List and possible workshop, organized by Dagda Sideways
Chatlog (edited to remove unrelated discussion):
[13:09] Dagda Sideways: ok, we've given people a few minutes, so it's time we got started
[13:10] Dagda Sideways: I want to thank you all for coming today, to help us plan out our one-session building workshops
[13:10] Dagda Sideways: I hope you all came with ideas, since this is to be basically a big brainstorming session
[13:10] Dagda Sideways: what would people like to learn, what would people like to teach
[13:11] Dagda Sideways: the particulars of each workshop can be worked out between myself and the indiviual instructor, but first we need to know what to teach
[13:11] Dagda Sideways: so, with that, I'd appreciate it if you IM me that you have an idea to present, and I'll call on you in order
[13:12] Dagda Sideways: just so we can talk out one idea at a time
[13:12] Dagda Sideways: first, we'll go with gran's ?
[13:13] granelda Oh: polygon building tips and inventory organizing made simple
[13:13] granelda Oh: two things id like to do
[13:14] Dagda Sideways: I'm glad you brought up the polygons
[13:14] Dagda Sideways: I had that on a list of ideas from before
[13:14] granelda Oh: they are fun
[13:14] granelda Oh: the only real challenge in SL.....
[13:14] granelda Oh: replaced the URU challenge
[13:14] DeAnn Dufaux hurries and looks up "polygon" in the dictionary
[13:14] Dagda Sideways: heh
[13:14] granelda Oh: that i miss so much
[13:16] Dagda Sideways: okee, the other idea, inventory organization
[13:17] Dagda Sideways: what kinds of things would you like to present?
[13:17] granelda Oh: how to do it
[13:17] granelda Oh: easily
[13:17] granelda Oh: step by step
[13:17] granelda Oh: lil by little
[13:18] Tailahr Winnikow: Including packing little-used items into prims?
[13:18] granelda Oh: first step is attitude
[13:18] Dagda Sideways: how about some tips directed toward builders? like saving versions of their work?
[13:18] granelda Oh: "Ill never get my inventory organized"...yep you wont
[13:18] granelda Oh: yes
[13:19] granelda Oh: its all encompassing... organization
[13:19] granelda Oh: everything
[13:19] Dagda Sideways: anything else anyone would like to see in that class?
[13:19] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: general tips about inventory
[13:19] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: like being able to search "worn"
[13:19] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: and see what you're wearing
[13:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I find not everyone knows that
[13:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: or opening multiple windows
[13:20] Dagda Sideways: so maybe start with a basic run-down of the inventory window?
[13:20] DeAnn Dufaux: how to get dressed safely - in public
[13:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: yes
[13:20] DeAnn Dufaux: how to keep your hair
[13:20] Ishtar Roussel: hehehe
[13:21] DeAnn Dufaux: how to attach huds and move them around on the screen?
[13:21] Ishtar Roussel: searcing for items you can sell/give away
[13:21] Ishtar Roussel: type copy
[13:21] Tailahr Winnikow: Oh, that's a good one, DeAnn.
[13:21] Zedra Benoir: finding hidden things on your hud?
[13:21] Dagda Sideways: but not really inventory-related...
[13:21] DeAnn Dufaux: how to make "outfits"
[13:21] granelda Oh: most people who have no organization on their PC will be disorganized in their inventory
[13:21] Generator Schism: boxing and unboxing items not used as much?
[13:21] DeAnn Dufaux: ah. you're right Dag
[13:21] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I think starting to add attachments and such is moving into a different workshop
[13:21] Dagda Sideways: remember that these sessions will only be one or two hours long
[13:21] Ishtar Roussel: so the polygon class, seperate from this one,
[13:21] Dagda Sideways: they need to stay fairly focused
[13:22] granelda Oh: Peachy has her stuff in separate boxes the she keeps elsewhere
[13:22] granelda Oh: great idea
[13:22] Tailahr Winnikow: Oh, the polygons workshop should be all by itself, I believe.
[13:22] Dagda Sideways: that's good information, though, Deann, and may hint at another workshop
[13:22] Ishtar Roussel: inventory and use of user interface in general are two topics?
[13:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I think they could be one class
[13:22] Dagda Sideways: we could consider a "all the things you never knew about SL, or maybe you do"
[13:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Going over the inventory window, and then going over inventory organizing
[13:23] granelda Oh: what type of info has been presented on polygons so far?
[13:23] Dagda Sideways: nothing
[13:23] Tailahr Winnikow: Just make sure each workshop has a slant towards making building easier.
[13:23] Dagda Sideways nods
[13:24] Zedra Benoir: what about the Emerald viewer? That's supposed to be good for builders?
[13:24] Dagda Sideways: I wouldn't mind, though, offering also a more general workshop on SL that would make people's lives easier
[13:24] Tailahr Winnikow: For general non-building workshops, people are still welcome to use one of our public areas to give them.
[13:24] Generator Schism: what does building encompass? would it encompass things made like outfits and jewelry as well?
[13:24] Ishtar Roussel: you have to know the general stuff anyway to be able to build and save and sell etc
[13:24] Dagda Sideways: indeed, though, we're straying into chaos, lol
[13:24] Dagda Sideways: I've noted those down and will come back to them
[13:24] Generator Schism: entropy! :D
[13:25] Dagda Sideways: for now, I want to get back to the people who raised their hands, unless there's more to discuss on granelda's ideas
[13:25] Tailahr Winnikow: Well, we could plan to give a SL 101 class like you suggested.
[13:25] Generator Schism: that could be neat and useful. SL is not necessarily the most intuitive thing ever...
[13:25] Dagda Sideways: indeed, and that's on my list here
[13:25] Dagda Sideways: the next hand up was jeff's
[13:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Ok, so, my idea is more of an extra-curricular idea than a workshop, but still is very handy for builders
[13:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Sometimes when you're new to the world of building, or even experienced, you just want to explore and discover, or create a small project on the side
[13:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So basically, mine would be a Builder's corner sorta workshop
[13:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: where builders can come and just build with other builders
[13:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: and where we can all answer eachothers questions
[13:27] Ishtar Roussel: i like that idea
[13:27] Generator Schism: would there be a theme or a goal?
[13:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: and get inspiration from eachother for ideas
[13:27] Generator Schism: or just free sandboxy play?
[13:27] Tailahr Winnikow: Sorta like the Community Project?
[13:27] Generator Schism is sorta imagining a builders iron chef
[13:27] Tailahr Winnikow: lol
[13:27] Dagda Sideways: that doesn't sound so much like a workshop, but is a good idea nonetheless
[13:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: That could actually be really fun AG
[13:27] Dagda Sideways: a "builders forum" sorta thing?
[13:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Yes
[13:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Somewhere folks can come and just build
[13:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: have their questions answered
[13:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: look for ideas
[13:28] Tailahr Winnikow: At a set time and day?
[13:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: and play with other builders
[13:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: yeah
[13:28] Tailahr Winnikow: Maybe a regular event?
[13:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Right
[13:28] Generator Schism: fun! someone bring cold drinks and a watermelon
[13:28] Generator Schism: mmm...
[13:28] Dagda Sideways: hehe
[13:28] Tailahr Winnikow: How about the week between classes?
[13:29] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We could add a sorta game aspect to it, but I think it would help people explore the tools and get comfy in them, which is something that you really gotta do to get good
[13:29] Tailahr Winnikow: Could be at the same time and day as the classes.
[13:29] Ishtar Roussel: a weekly thing or just one now and then?
[13:29] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Either way would work, whatever the demand is
[13:29] Tailahr Winnikow: How about a few of them during the off-week between classes to see how they go?
[13:29] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: It could even be used for the folks currently in the building classes to come work on homework
[13:29] Tailahr Winnikow: Get ideas from the attendees for planning more.
[13:29] Dagda Sideways: study hall!
[13:29] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: yeah :)
[13:29] Generator Schism: heehee
[13:30] Ishtar Roussel: yes sounds good
[13:30] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: it could be very versatile
[13:30] Tailahr Winnikow: Oh, well, then how about Wednesdays - between the two classes?
[13:30] Tailahr Winnikow: And, who's going to "man" these sessions?
[13:30] Ishtar Roussel: a period with less stucture that they can come along to each week would be good
[13:31] Dagda Sideways: Jeff, would you be interested in hosting?
[13:31] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Yeah
[13:31] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I wouldn't be putting a game aspect to it
[13:31] Ishtar Roussel: I would come along to help, once a week maybe?
[13:31] Tailahr Winnikow: It would really be beneficial for all those people who are at so many different levels.
[13:31] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Whoever hosted would be there to asnwer questions, or to give ideas to veteran builders just wanting to come play and build in a set amount of time
[13:31] Tailahr Winnikow: So, should it be more like a Study Hall or a group project with a goal?
[13:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Study hall
[13:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: the events will not be tied to any others
[13:32] Dagda Sideways: less directed, so more free for discussion
[13:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: indeed
[13:32] Generator Schism still wants to see an iron chef :P
[13:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Well, we could do that AG
[13:32] Tailahr Winnikow: Kinda like what happened in the classroom last night, Jeff?
[13:32] Generator Schism: build something using only half circle prims! go!
[13:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Each class could have a theme for experimentation
[13:32] Ishtar Roussel doesn't know what iron chef is..
[13:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: and veteran builders could come build into that theme
[13:33] Tailahr Winnikow: It's a competitive reality show for chefs, Ish
[13:33] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: while other folks could use it as a place to watch builders, and to play themselves and explore, or just work on homework
[13:33] Ishtar Roussel: ahh ok
[13:33] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I do rather like that
[13:33] granelda Oh: i can make french fries
[13:33] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Setting a theme for each one
[13:33] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: then letting folks build to that and explore in a free environment
[13:34] DeAnn Dufaux: wait
[13:34] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: while still having folks there to answer questions if they want to work on something else, or are unsure on something
[13:34] Ishtar Roussel: so are these two different ideas? confused now
[13:34] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: It's all one
[13:34] Tailahr Winnikow: Yeah, me too.
[13:34] DeAnn Dufaux: if this is for people to get practice, then veteran builders could intimidate them
[13:34] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: It'd be a place to watch them
[13:34] Tailahr Winnikow: Didn't Eleri have an idea for a building competition?
[13:34] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: This isn't a competition
[13:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: It's a place to get building experimentation
[13:35] DeAnn Dufaux: did I miss something?
[13:35] DeAnn Dufaux: I thought this was supposed to be a study hall thingy
[13:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: It is
[13:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: well, can be
[13:35] Tailahr Winnikow: Hmmm, sounds kinda like that Drew Carey show about improvisation.
[13:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: The students can come and work on homework
[13:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: or they could come just to experiment
[13:35] Ishtar Roussel: I thought it was for new builders to come practice their homework with someone there to help them if needed, I would help at one of those, depending on the time tho...
[13:35] DeAnn Dufaux: I think the competitions are fine and veteran builders are fin but shouldn't that be two different things?
[13:36] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Yes
[13:36] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I never said there was competition
[13:36] Tailahr Winnikow: I think that's what he's suggesting, Ish - but that the vets would be building, too.
[13:36] Generator Schism: any level I think for the study hall. good for bouncing ideas and practicing
[13:36] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Exactly
[13:36] Dagda Sideways: can I restate what I've seen bouncing around, to see if I can get it straight?
[13:36] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Sure
[13:36] Tailahr Winnikow: Please do.
[13:37] granelda Oh: I think...mosy people who are learning something...dont want to be embarassed by making mistakes in front of others... so we have to be careful there too
[13:37] DeAnn Dufaux: I agree
[13:37] Dagda Sideways: as I see Jeff's suggestion, it'd be an open place for people of all building ability to experiment and discuss building
[13:37] Dagda Sideways: there may be a "theme of the day" to spark things off, but it'd otherwise be open time
[13:37] Generator Schism: its a sandbox. hard to make mistakes when you are playing int he first place. and youd have people to ask questions of
[13:38] granelda Oh: and the chat will be intense too
[13:38] Dagda Sideways: does that get it, jeff?
[13:38] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Yes Dagda, spot on
[13:38] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: the host of the event would just be there to set the possible theme to spark ideas or experimentation
[13:38] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: and to guide conversation
[13:38] Tailahr Winnikow: I think that if the veterans have the right attitude, then the beginners won't be embarassed.
[13:39] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: (and build themselves maybe)
[13:39] granelda Oh: yes
[13:39] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Exactly, and if there's bad vibes coming from one of them, the host could ask one to leave sorta thing
[13:39] Tailahr Winnikow: hehe
[13:39] Dagda Sideways: I think it's good that were starting to think about the more experienced builders as well. not everything we do has to be aimed at beginners only
[13:40] Tailahr Winnikow: Good point.
[13:40] Ishtar Roussel: true
[13:40] Dagda Sideways: and we all have a lot to learn from each other, and others
[13:40] Tailahr Winnikow: Last night, even Jeff & Nad were learning something from a more experienced person.
[13:40] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: :D
[13:40] Tailahr Winnikow: I didn't understand half of it, but it was interesting, nonetheless.
[13:41] Dagda Sideways: ok, great idea jeffy, and we'll look more into scheduling and making announcements
[13:41] Tailahr Winnikow claps her hands.
[13:41] Dagda Sideways: next was AG
[13:41] Generator Schism: of course the minute I sneak off its my turn
[13:42] Dagda Sideways: lol
[13:42] granelda Oh: :)
[13:42] Tailahr Winnikow nudges AG.
[13:42] Dagda Sideways: the silence wasn't *too* uncomfortable
[13:42] Generator Schism: I would be interesting in having a workshop exploring different styles of architecture
[13:42] Generator Schism: to inspire and encourage innovation
[13:42] Ishtar Roussel: Ooo yes i would like to come to that
[13:43] Generator Schism: this could take the form of either field trips within SL and or practicing and trying out ideas found or particular elements
[13:43] Dagda Sideways: yes, I think a class less on mechanics and more on style would be good
[13:43] Generator Schism: like columns, buttresses ect
[13:44] Generator Schism: it could also include, time depending, other elements like color or decorations ect
[13:44] Dagda Sideways: AG, would you be interested in organizing that, or just throwing the idea out there?
[13:44] Generator Schism: I could do it but surface schedule demands that it would be wise if I was organizing it with someone else
[13:44] Dagda Sideways: ok
[13:45] Dagda Sideways: anyone else interested in helping organize that one?
[13:45] Tailahr Winnikow: I nominate Ish
[13:45] Tailahr Winnikow: ;)
[13:45] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I like the idea of field trips in general, too
[13:45] Ishtar Roussel: I nominate Tai
[13:45] Ishtar Roussel: :)
[13:45] Dagda Sideways: also, this could sprout into several workshops on individual styles
[13:45] Tailahr Winnikow: But, you have better asthetic taste than I do.
[13:45] Generator Schism: they are important I think Jeffy. or else sometimes peopel fall into simple designs or copying thigs the already know
[13:46] Ishtar Roussel: no sorry, i would love to learn about it, but not my forte..
[13:46] Generator Schism: psh Tai. that is what practice is for!
[13:46] Tailahr Winnikow: That sentence was really awkward. lol
[13:47] Dagda Sideways: ok, so a potential group of workshops on architectural styles
[13:49] Dagda Sideways: I think Zedra mentioned the Emerald viewer
[13:49] Tailahr Winnikow: brb
[13:49] Dagda Sideways: do you use it zedra?
[13:49] Zedra Benoir: not yet.
[13:49] Zedra Benoir: was going to download it tonight
[13:50] Zedra Benoir: but I've heard that it's good.
[13:50] Zedra Benoir: anyone here use it?
[13:50] Dagda Sideways: I do
[13:50] Dagda Sideways: using it now, actually
[13:50] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I do too
[13:50] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: same
[13:50] Zedra Benoir: would you recommend it? and is it difficult to get used to?
[13:50] Ishtar Roussel: i used it very briefly this morning! if that counts lol
[13:50] Dagda Sideways: there are a couple of things that are helpful in it, whether you build or not
[13:50] Dagda Sideways: it's not really different at all
[13:51] Dagda Sideways: it just offers more options
[13:51] Zedra Benoir: ok, so probably not enough to warrant a whole workshop?
[13:51] Dagda Sideways: like it lets you profile-cut a cube, which shaves off the top and bottom without changing the height
[13:51] Zedra Benoir: nice!
[13:51] Dagda Sideways: especially good with megaprims when you can't get an exact size in just one dimension
[13:52] Dagda Sideways: but it could be worth a short workshop
[13:52] Zedra Benoir: cool
[13:52] granelda Oh: part of the fun of building is to figure out how to make "different" things...styles...... the act of discovery using the tools you have..:)
[13:52] Dagda Sideways: Jeffy, maybe I can work that out with you, since we both use it
[13:52] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Indeed
[13:53] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Some of the major building tools that Emerald has
[13:53] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: are coming to SL soon
[13:53] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: as they're in the current Release Candidate client
[13:53] Zedra Benoir: ah
[13:53] Dagda Sideways: oh, then maybe we can be ready with a workshop on the new building options
[13:53] Tailahr Winnikow: How about the workshop being on "building tools" in general?
[13:54] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: it's called building classes, we offer them Mon, Tues, and Thur
[13:54] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: :P
[13:54] Tailahr Winnikow: Oh, that's not what I mean, Jeffy.
[13:54] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: hehe
[13:54] DeAnn Dufaux: lol
[13:54] Tailahr Winnikow: Extras.
[13:55] DeAnn Dufaux: we can always incorporate them into the building classes when they're available
[13:55] Tailahr Winnikow: Things created by other people - like texture viewers, etc.
[13:55] Dagda Sideways: that would probably warrant a workshop of its own, Tai, separate from the emerald viewer
[13:55] Dagda Sideways: there are certainly lots of tools around
[13:56] Tailahr Winnikow: And, the SALT HUD. Yeah lots of extra tools, most of them free, too.
[13:56] Dagda Sideways: would you be interested in organizing that, Tai?
[13:56] Tailahr Winnikow: Actually, that could just be a nicely organized notecard.
[13:57] Tailahr Winnikow: Tell you what, I'll organize the notecard - like where to get them and a few notes...
[13:57] Tailahr Winnikow: then, if someone things it warrants more than that, we can build a workshop.
[13:57] Dagda Sideways: sounds good
[13:58] Dagda Sideways: btw, i'm planning on having meetings like this periodically to brainstorm new ideas
[13:58] Tailahr Winnikow: Maybe that could just be a "study hall" topic.
[13:58] Dagda Sideways: so if anything's unformed right now, there will be a place to present it in future
[13:58] Tailahr Winnikow: Oh, are you wrapping up, now?
[13:59] Dagda Sideways: no, just mentioning
[13:59] Dagda Sideways: still a few hands raised
[13:59] Dagda Sideways: we can work out a potential workshop between us, Tai
[13:59] Dagda Sideways: if it seems appropriate
[13:59] Tailahr Winnikow: nod
[13:59] Dagda Sideways: okee... AG had her hand raised again
[14:00] Generator Schism: :D
[14:00] Generator Schism: ok, I hought thata worksope on extremely sized prims might be good
[14:00] Generator Schism: it is not soethingI know much o anythng abot, butcould be usefl
[14:01] Dagda Sideways: megaprims?
[14:01] Generator Schism: ahh...sea cucumber is back...
[14:01] Generator Schism: and realy smal ones oo
[14:01] DeAnn Dufaux: we cover that in the building classes, GS
[14:01] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: cucumbers! Ahhh!
[14:01] DeAnn Dufaux: both mega and nano
[14:01] Generator Schism: ok neat
[14:01] Generator Schism: carry on the
[14:01] Dagda Sideways: that was a quick one! lol
[14:01] Dagda Sideways: next was ishtar
[14:01] DeAnn Dufaux: *Raises Hand*
[14:02] Ishtar Roussel: I had an idea for a workshop, but I'm afraid it isn't really directly building related so maybe not such a good idea, it was a workshop about marketing, - as in how to market your business, get traffic, advertise, packaging, logos, etc
[14:02] Zedra Benoir: oooooooo
[14:02] Dagda Sideways: lol, the hands keep going up!
[14:02] Tailahr Winnikow: Oh, I need to learn a thing or two about packaging.
[14:02] Zedra Benoir: that would be excellent!
[14:02] DeAnn Dufaux: it's a great idea, Ish
[14:02] Dagda Sideways: indeed
[14:02] DeAnn Dufaux: Ish would be perfect for that
[14:02] Dagda Sideways: something every builder needs to know, if they want to sell their work
[14:03] Zedra Benoir: cover giver scripts and vendors, etc?
[14:03] Tailahr Winnikow: Shorah Ural!
[14:03] Ural Arado: HELLO!
[14:03] Ishtar Roussel: not really so much those Zed no, cos all vendors can be different, but the whole marketing package thing, how to make you business work and stand out and get customers more type of thing
[14:04] Zedra Benoir: ok
[14:04] Zedra Benoir: i guess i meant just general useful tools for helping your business and customers.
[14:04] Ishtar Roussel: how to use the tools in SL to market your shop, and how to make your business look professional etc
[14:05] DeAnn Dufaux: I'll take tht class Ish
[14:05] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: How about something about vendors as well?
[14:05] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Like with Apez or the hippovend
[14:06] Ishtar Roussel: i don't use vendors, maybe someone else might be able to run a class on them
[14:06] Dagda Sideways: anyone else use vendors?
[14:06] Zedra Benoir: i do
[14:06] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I do
[14:07] Dagda Sideways: either of you interested in presenting them?
[14:07] Zedra Benoir: ummmmmmmm
[14:07] Zedra Benoir: hehe
[14:07] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: It'd be tough because they have to have the system too
[14:07] Dagda Sideways: lol
[14:07] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Apez has a free version to use
[14:07] DeAnn Dufaux: Bobo knows about hippo vendors
[14:07] Zedra Benoir: well, that's it
[14:07] Zedra Benoir: I bought the ones that suited me.
[14:07] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: but if you actually use it in the store, apez takes around 15%
[14:07] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I think
[14:07] Dagda Sideways: it could be a discussion of the merits of various vendor systems
[14:07] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: or less... forget the number
[14:08] granelda Oh: send out occaisional notices to the community for "what you you like to learn?"
[14:08] Dagda Sideways: before someone goes out to buy one
[14:08] Ishtar Roussel: the best thing about vendors is they save you prims, can't think of anything else good about them
[14:08] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: organization, tracking
[14:08] Zedra Benoir: only 1 prim, and show the pics of all the things in the vendor at one time. Therefore the customer only has to rez once.
[14:08] Ishtar Roussel: you can down load your transactions from SL tho for that
[14:08] Zedra Benoir: so, perhaps criteria in choosing a vendor would be a better topic?
[14:08] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Apez has a website store listing that lists everything for sale on their website that is forsale through a vendor
[14:09] Ishtar Roussel: i guess it also depends on the type of product you sell, they are great for some things
[14:09] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: If you rent here, you know I like Apez, but yeah :P
[14:09] Tailahr Winnikow: Agree with Zedra - maybe that could be a sub-topic of marketing?
[14:09] Dagda Sideways: so there is information to be had on vendors. Since you seem to know, Jeff, would you be interested in working with Ishtar to fill in that information?
[14:10] Zedra Benoir: and a little research into the pros and cons of the 'main' vendors in SL.
[14:10] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Sure, let me know when you wanna chat and I'll get with ya
[14:10] Ishtar Roussel: not me I don't use them! lol
[14:10] Tailahr Winnikow: But, this would be a good time to learn. ;)
[14:10] Ishtar Roussel: sorry just don't think i know enough about them to help
[14:10] Dagda Sideways: or, if ishtar's becomes a series of workshops, jeff could do one of them
[14:10] Dagda Sideways: if interested, of course
[14:10] Ishtar Roussel: had one once the sales messed up, it kept going off line so i never used it again
[14:11] Zedra Benoir: I would be happy to do some research on various vendors, and compile the information?
[14:11] Dagda Sideways: I'm sure that would be helpful, Zedra
[14:11] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Could be better than me, I'm biased tward Apez XD
[14:12] Zedra Benoir: I'll make sure they're covered, lol
[14:12] Dagda Sideways: okee, so for now I'll leave it to you guys to figure out what might be good to share, and we can figure out later who'll teach it
[14:12] Dagda Sideways: next hand was Tai's
[14:13] Tailahr Winnikow: Aww, my idear seems kinda silly now.... but, I was thinking "Phun with Physics: how to build shooters and other toys."
[14:13] Dagda Sideways: not silly at all
[14:13] Tailahr Winnikow: Only problem is, it would involve minor scripting.
[14:13] Dagda Sideways: that would be ok, as long as you can provide some basic scripts
[14:13] Tailahr Winnikow: Yeah
[14:13] Dagda Sideways: which I know you have ?
[14:13] Tailahr Winnikow: :P
[14:14] Tailahr Winnikow: Okee, that is all.
[14:14] Dagda Sideways: ok
[14:14] Dagda Sideways: next was DeAnn
[14:14] Dagda Sideways: (and I think that was the last hand, raise yours again if I missed you)
[14:14] DeAnn Dufaux: we cover nano prims in the building class
[14:14] DeAnn Dufaux: but maybe one that goes into specific shapes?
[14:14] DeAnn Dufaux: more detail
[14:14] Tailahr Winnikow: Like a jewelry class?
[14:15] DeAnn Dufaux: like that, yes
[14:15] Zedra Benoir: that would be really good.
[14:15] Tailahr Winnikow: Yeah, I like that.
[14:15] Dagda Sideways: what else do nanos get used for? that's all I really know
[14:15] DeAnn Dufaux: buttons, buckles
[14:15] Tailahr Winnikow: boots
[14:15] DeAnn Dufaux: decorations on shoes
[14:15] Zedra Benoir: miniatures
[14:15] DeAnn Dufaux: little stuff
[14:15] Tailahr Winnikow: But, mostly things to wear.
[14:16] Dagda Sideways: ok
[14:16] Dagda Sideways: DeAnn, would you want to organize that?
[14:16] Tailahr Winnikow: oooh, we should work nanos into one of the monthly puzzles. muahahaha
[14:16] Dagda Sideways: lol, "find the nano"
[14:16] DeAnn Dufaux: yes, I'll do it Dag
[14:16] Dagda Sideways: great
[14:16] DeAnn Dufaux: I don't make jewelry but I know how to do the tiny prims
[14:16] Dagda Sideways: any comments/suggestions on that one?
[14:18] Dagda Sideways: okee, there weren't any hands left raised, but there was still the idea of an "SL 101" workshop
[14:18] Zedra Benoir: actually, I have a query.
[14:18] Dagda Sideways: ok, Zedra?
[14:18] Tailahr Winnikow: You know, Jeff had an idea for holding orientations a long time ago.
[14:19] Zedra Benoir: I'm wondering if there are any plans in the works for teaching the free programs like Blender, Gimp, etc.
[14:19] Zedra Benoir: I know there are lots being given in SL already, but one has no idea if they're any good.
[14:19] Dagda Sideways: not at the moment
[14:20] Dagda Sideways: even if we can't offer our own, we can try to compile some good resources to learn
[14:20] Zedra Benoir: true
[14:20] Tailahr Winnikow: From what I understand, there are good tutorials out there and that using those is the best way to learn.
[14:20] Dagda Sideways: there are good tutorials out there, yes
[14:20] Zedra Benoir: I did find a place that sells self-guided scripting courses today.
[14:20] Tailahr Winnikow: Really?
[14:20] Zedra Benoir: I bought one but haven't had a chance to look at it yet.
[14:21] DeAnn Dufaux: where Zed?
[14:21] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Nadnerb is our personal resident Blender expert. He could potentially hold a class to answer questions and give tips if we ask really nicely :D
[14:21] Tailahr Winnikow: He'll tip us to attend his class?
[14:21] Zedra Benoir: trying to find the lm
[14:21] Ishtar Roussel: I would like a class on Blender
[14:21] DeAnn Dufaux: k
[14:21] Dagda Sideways: would he consider a full-on class, do you think?
[14:21] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I don't think he'd be able to offer a complete "How to" on blender workshop
[14:21] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: But, I can't speak for him
[14:21] Dagda Sideways: ok
[14:22] Dagda Sideways: we can ask him about that ourselves
[14:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Dagda seems to be our little
[14:22] Dagda Sideways: or if he knows someone who might be interested in teaching
[14:22] Tailahr Winnikow: Maybe that could be one of the sandbox study hall topics.
[14:22] Dagda Sideways: :P
[14:22] Tailahr Winnikow: Some people (like me) are just better at Q&A than outright teaching.
[14:22] Zedra Benoir: I found it
[14:22] Zedra Benoir: Second Presentation Mainstore
[14:22] Tailahr Winnikow: I think Nad might fall into that category, too.
[14:23] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I don't want to be teaching in the study hall, only answering questions, about SL specifics
[14:23] Dagda Sideways: thanks, Zed
[14:23] Tailahr Winnikow: Not teaching, just answering questions on a specific topic.
[14:23] Dagda Sideways: we could see about having him as a guest host, then, for people who already know a bit about blender
[14:24] Dagda Sideways: and have questions
[14:24] DeAnn Dufaux: I've sat in on blender workshops but I think I need a course of study to understand
[14:24] Dagda Sideways nods
[14:24] Dagda Sideways: so everyone keep your eye out for good blender courses/tutorials
[14:24] Zedra Benoir: I need help just getting the thing set up properly!
[14:24] Zedra Benoir: LOL
[14:24] Dagda Sideways: I'll start keeping a list of what we find
[14:25] Dagda Sideways: ok, so the idea of a SL 101 workshop
[14:25] Zedra Benoir: that JASS looks interesting too
[14:26] Dagda Sideways: I think it would be handy to collect tips and tricks from as many people as possible, then compile them into a list
[14:26] Zedra Benoir: that would be good!
[14:27] Dagda Sideways: what would you guys say to my sending out a general notice, asking people to send me their SL tips that they find other people not knowing
[14:27] DeAnn Dufaux: sounds good
[14:27] Ishtar Roussel: i couln't get blender set up either Zed, gave up on it
[14:27] Etelka Kanto: good idea
[14:27] Tailahr Winnikow: Sounds like a lotta work, but if you're up to, sounds great.
[14:27] Dagda Sideways: I don't mind doing it ?
[14:28] Dagda Sideways: and it'll be like your tools thing, Tai. A list at first, and a workshop if it seems warranted
[14:28] Tailahr Winnikow: Sounds like we're building a builders library. ;)
[14:28] Dagda Sideways: ok, so does everyone know what they're doing?
[14:28] Generator Schism: seems appropriate gven our backgound Tai
[14:28] Tailahr Winnikow: Yuppers
[14:28] Tailahr Winnikow: XD @ AG
[14:29] Ishtar Roussel: yes
[14:29] Dagda Sideways: great. keep me informed of your progress, and we can schedule the classroom for whenever you guys are ready to present
[14:29] Zedra Benoir: is there a group I should join to get notices? I've freed up 2 group slots. hehe
[14:29] DeAnn Dufaux: will they be held in the classroom here?
[14:30] Dagda Sideways: I'd like to hold these meetings every month or two, and include the general public as much as possible
[14:30] Dagda Sideways: I'd expect so, DeAnn
[14:30] DeAnn Dufaux: k
[14:30] Dagda Sideways: Zed, are you a member of the ED Guilds group?
[14:30] Zedra Benoir: no
[14:30] Dagda Sideways: oh, then we should get you in
[14:30] Zedra Benoir: okies!
[14:30] Dagda Sideways: what about the general Eder D'Uru Group?
[14:30] Zedra Benoir: please!
[14:30] granelda Oh: a class on how to yell at LINDENS for more groups
[14:31] Zedra Benoir: well, is there one for the builders?
[14:31] DeAnn Dufaux: lol
[14:31] Dagda Sideways: the builders guild is a role within the guilds group
[14:31] Zedra Benoir: i see
[14:31] Zedra Benoir: guilds then!
[14:32] Zedra Benoir: do i have to do an initiation or something?
[14:32] Zedra Benoir: hehe
[14:32] Dagda Sideways: I'll also send out general notices on Refugees as well
[14:32] Tailahr Winnikow giggles
[14:32] DeAnn Dufaux: lol
[14:32] Dagda Sideways: I'm setting it up now, Zed ?
[14:32] Zedra Benoir: thanks!
[14:32] Tailahr Winnikow: The initiation?
[14:32] Dagda Sideways: oh, I saw "invitation"
[14:32] Generator Schism quietly sneaksout. "shorah everyone :D "
[14:32] Tailahr Winnikow: rotfl
[14:32] Zedra Benoir: I can wear my squirrel on my head and walk backwards?
[14:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: back
[14:32] Tailahr Winnikow: Awww, hope to see you later, AG.
[14:33] DeAnn Dufaux: bye AG
[14:33] Zedra Benoir: thank you!
[14:33] Ishtar Roussel: hehe lol Zed
[14:33] granelda Oh: bye AG
[14:33] Dagda Sideways: okee, anything else before we break?
[14:33] Tailahr Winnikow: Good job, Dagda!
[14:34] Tailahr Winnikow claps her hands.
[14:34] Zedra Benoir: thank you for doing this!
[14:34] Dagda Sideways: ?
[14:34] DeAnn Dufaux: nice, Dag
[14:34] granelda Oh: is there a summary going to be put forth?
[14:34] Dagda Sideways: I'll get a chatlog up and posted to our OpenUru site, and send a summary to the guilds group
[14:35] granelda Oh: i dont have anymore groups
[14:35] Dagda Sideways: I'll make sure you get a copy ?
[14:37] Dagda Sideways: btw, a reminder that tomorrow we'll be holding a meeting to discuss our upcoming puzzle rooms
[14:37] Dagda Sideways: same time as today, 1:00PM slt
[14:37] Tailahr Winnikow: w00t for that!
[14:37] Dagda Sideways: also right here
[14:37] DeAnn Dufaux: Hey Dag, can you send out an announcement for my class? I still have openings
[14:37] Zedra Benoir: puzzle rooms? wow
[14:37] Tailahr Winnikow: Meeting adjourned?
[14:37] Dagda Sideways: will do DeAnn
[14:37] Dagda Sideways: and meeting adjourned!
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