Guild Meeting 6/29/09

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Guild Meeting 6/29/09

Post by Tai'lahr » Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:57 pm

*Chatlog can be found at end of post.

JeffeJ5005 Lewis, Council Leader
Dagda Sideways, GoBuilders Guild Master
Tailahr Winnikow, GoPublicists Guild Master
DeAnn Dufaux, Resident
Genny7 Markus, Resident
Ghaelen Winnikow, Resident
NomadMolly Nostram, Resident
Nonlinear Tarantal, Resident
Svigermor Dharnen, Resident
Wyn Low, Resident
Mara Mirajkar, Roomie
Ty Udein, Roomie
Ruby Glenfadden, Roomie
Ishtar Roussel, Guild Member

The agenda was handed out. Jeff noted that last week's meeting was cancelled, so this week's meeting would be "more of a rundown of updates to keep everyone in the loop than any major discussion points, though we hope to have more next week."


- Island Updates (what's new/coming/being worked on):

Jeff announced that there have been new developments in building on the island and encouraged everyone to "go explore!" He also stated that directional signage is in the works and an example can be found in the back harbor.
Ruby asked if there are large spaces which could be rented for limited activities and Jeff replied that residents and others are welcome to use any Eder D'Uru spaces, but should contact one of the five council members at least two weeks prior to the event.

- Land issues/policies:

Jeff announced that the residents had voted for a $4 (USD) increase in the monthly tier (per 1024m parcel) and thanked them for making the change happen. Once again, he reminded the residents that if the increase presents a hardship for them, they need to contact the council for assistance.
Jeff noted that a first draft of the proposed covenant was sent out (to the Eder D'Uru Residents group) Saturday morning and asked if anyone had any questions or comments about it at this time. Jeff said that a box would be set up in the guild hall to dispense a copy of the proposed covenant for anyone who would like to get a copy. There will be another opportunity to discuss it at next week's meeting.
Ruby asked if residents could have pets and Jeff said it was okay provided they didn't set anything on fire or make him have halitosis.
Ruby asked if a person could buy or rent extra prims without buying extra land. Jeff replied that they could not, but went on to explain how all the prims on the sim are shared by everyone so extra prims can be rezzed temporarily for something like an event provided they were removed afterwards.
Molly said she had some questions for everyone concerning the use of her space. She had developed a venue for Uru-related performances on her parcel, but it was being underutilized at this time. She asked if anyone would mind if she expanded the use of it to general events and make it more publicly available. Jeff pointed out that was up to her and stated that we "strive to keep an open environment for anyone from SL to come visit us and participate with us."

- Fun and Gadgetry (games/events/activities people are planning or would like to do):

Jeff announced that the Guild of Planners GM will be out of commission for an indeterminate amount of time and the council would like to begin interviewing people to fill in for her during her leave. When asked what the position entails, Jeff said the requirements would be an organized person who can handle creating and running events. Any additional publicity (signs, sending notices) could possibly be covered by Tailahr, unless the planner felt confident in handling that aspect as well. Anyone who is interested should contact JeffeJ5005 Lewis for an interview.
Jeff reminded everyone that it's the end of the month which means a new sparklie will be out, soon. As always, the location will change at midnight SLT on the last day of the month. New hints will come late on July 1st, or early July 2nd.
Normally the end of the month also means a transition to a new journey, but the July journey will now be the Summer journey and will run from July 15th to August 31st.
On July 4th, we'll be having a 4th of July picnic with music provided by D'niJ Ktahdn.
This week will also feature a playdate on Thursday, details to be announced (possibly heek).
And immediately following the guild meeting, there will be a Guild of Healers meet and greet on their parcel.
Jeff announced a proposal for an event of NO flying or TPing throughout the sim in order to see how the ferry system and other modes of transportation help the sim function. This was met by positive exclaimations. Turning off the fly permanently on the main parcel was originally part of the plan for the sim, so if this event goes well and receives a positive response, a vote might be considered to make it permanent.

Jeff closed the meeting by summarizing that much has been developed lately, events are going strong and in large quantities; we are still working on some points that people have requested, and hope to always remain working on things too. Things continue to go well in Eder D'Uru, with little disturbances here or there. He thanked everyone for attending and reminded them to read over the proposed covenant and be prepared to discuss it next week.

Respectfully submitted
by Tailahr Winnikow
[2009/06/28 12:11] JeffeJ5005 Lewis gave you Eder D'Uru Council Meeting Agenda 6/28/09.
[2009/06/28 12:12] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Today should be a short meeting unless a discussion grows, so apologies for starting late if that should happen
[2009/06/28 12:13] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So, welcome to this week's meeting everyone! Last week's was cancelled due to father's day, and the lack of ability to get away from related activities on my part, as well as the fact that the entirety of SL was having issues, and we were lucky enough to have our sim offline
[2009/06/28 12:14] Svigermor Dharnen: did held some kind of it :))
[2009/06/28 12:14] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So today is more of a rundown of updates to keep everyone in the loop than any major discussion points, though we hope to have more next week :)
[2009/06/28 12:15] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We'll start with Island updates
[2009/06/28 12:15] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We've been hard at work building things around the cavern, go explore it!
[2009/06/28 12:16] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Though, we understand many are getting lost. Our work has begun on aiding in a form of directional helping. The final system is not implemented, but we hope it will be easy to use for new and old explorers to the cavern
[2009/06/28 12:16] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: An early example of what is to come can be found outside the guild hall in the 2nd harbor nearer the back of the island
[2009/06/28 12:16] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: It has a cone on top, if that helps :)
[2009/06/28 12:17] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Are there any other questions or points about the island from anyone?
[2009/06/28 12:17] DeAnn Dufaux: which side is the "back"?
[2009/06/28 12:18] DeAnn Dufaux: (I'm directionally-challenged)
[2009/06/28 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: When we're discussing the island, the side opposite the arch is considered the back of the island
[2009/06/28 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: the side facing the arch is the front
[2009/06/28 12:18] DeAnn Dufaux: ok
[2009/06/28 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We also have the two harbors
[2009/06/28 12:18] Ruby Glenfadden: Are there larger spaces of built space to rent for limited activities?
[2009/06/28 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: the main one with the ferries, and the 2nd one around the puzzle rooms and guild halls
[2009/06/28 12:18] Ghaelen Winnikow: is there a teleport link from the post office to the "front" where the walk starts? Is that where the walk starts?
[2009/06/28 12:19] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Residents and others in SL are welcome to use any of our spaces for an event. It's asked that you contact one of the 5 at least 2 weeks prior to its first use if a recurring event
[2009/06/28 12:20] Tailahr Winnikow: (Talk to me about it, Ruby.)
[2009/06/28 12:20] Ruby Glenfadden: ok,
[2009/06/28 12:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Anything else before moving on?
[2009/06/28 12:20] Ruby Glenfadden: cause this would involved staging (porable and lighting) for about a 3 day run
[2009/06/28 12:20] Tailahr Winnikow: Ghaelen had a question about getting from the PO to the ferry landing.
[2009/06/28 12:21] Tailahr Winnikow: There is a linking book which goes to the book room where there is a book to the ferry landing.
[2009/06/28 12:21] Tailahr Winnikow: Does that answer your question, Ghaelen?
[2009/06/28 12:21] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We are working on a nexus, but there's no news on that yet :)
[2009/06/28 12:21] Ghaelen Winnikow: ok, just wanted to know where and how to start the "walk"
[2009/06/28 12:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, we'll move on to land issues/policies
[2009/06/28 12:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Firstly, the 4 dollar price rate increase has won the vote
[2009/06/28 12:23] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: the increase is already applied for July, and thank you to the many residents for making this change happen
[2009/06/28 12:23] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So far, there seems to be no major issues, and thigns are going smoothly
[2009/06/28 12:23] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: But again, if there is an issue, let us know so we can help you!
[2009/06/28 12:24] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So, early Saturday morning we sent out the proposed covenant
[2009/06/28 12:24] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: While today will not be the 'official' vote and discussion on it, if there are any questions or comments anyone has at this point, please bring them up now
[2009/06/28 12:24] Ruby Glenfadden: I see you have a pet, we can have pets?
[2009/06/28 12:25] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: For those who need to recieve it, we will setup a box in this room to dispense it after the meeting sometime later today
[2009/06/28 12:25] Tailahr Winnikow: (If it's within your prim limit, yes)
[2009/06/28 12:25] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Will it light anything on fire and/or make me have halitosis?
[2009/06/28 12:25] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: :)L
[2009/06/28 12:26] Ghaelen Winnikow: oh wow, you really ARE holding a kitty!
[2009/06/28 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Also no rats, please, my cat gets anxious :) (kidding, of course... if you want a all means)
[2009/06/28 12:26] Ruby Glenfadden: Can a person buy/rent extra prims without buying extra land?
[2009/06/28 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Unfortunately no, they cannot
[2009/06/28 12:26] Ruby Glenfadden: oh , k
[2009/06/28 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: but, the way we operate is on the honor system
[2009/06/28 12:26] Tailahr Winnikow: (unless you cut a deal with a neighbor)
[2009/06/28 12:26] Ruby Glenfadden: I do that regularly
[2009/06/28 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Basically
[2009/06/28 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: all the land is deeded to the same group
[2009/06/28 12:27] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: this means that all residents get the same prim associations (shared prims across all parcels)
[2009/06/28 12:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So if a user is under their prim limit, another resident can rez extra stuff for say, a party, or something of that nature
[2009/06/28 12:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: But the hope is they will clean it up
[2009/06/28 12:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: so that if the other people want to go to their prim limit, they'll be able to
[2009/06/28 12:28] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: It seems to work rather well so far :)
[2009/06/28 12:29] Ruby Glenfadden: from time to time with permission that is good to know
[2009/06/28 12:29] Ruby Glenfadden: and wonderful
[2009/06/28 12:29] NomadMolly Nostram: I have some questions for everyone concerning the use of my space?
[2009/06/28 12:29] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Sure, Molly
[2009/06/28 12:29] NomadMolly Nostram: Some backstory is necessary
[2009/06/28 12:30] NomadMolly Nostram: I got this idea for a venue for URU related performances
[2009/06/28 12:30] NomadMolly Nostram: quite a while ago
[2009/06/28 12:30] NomadMolly Nostram: it got knocked off track a few times.
[2009/06/28 12:30] NomadMolly Nostram: hehe...we kept moving
[2009/06/28 12:31] NomadMolly Nostram: what I didn't know was that A and C were building the Concert Hall
[2009/06/28 12:31] NomadMolly Nostram: when the opened it, my venue seemed superfluous at that point
[2009/06/28 12:31] Ruby Glenfadden: <sending molly my card> hee he eheheh hehehe
[2009/06/28 12:31] NomadMolly Nostram: so I have been wondering what to do with it
[2009/06/28 12:32] NomadMolly Nostram: ah....thanks Ruby
[2009/06/28 12:32] NomadMolly Nostram: I had hoped to keep to restricted to URUish events
[2009/06/28 12:32] NomadMolly Nostram: with an URUish audience
[2009/06/28 12:32] Ghaelen Winnikow: serendipity happens, lol
[2009/06/28 12:32] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: In my opinion, I feel that multiple places can be used to hold events. Just because another place has uru events, doesn't mean that we can't
[2009/06/28 12:33] NomadMolly Nostram: I agree with that in principle, but the URU community has lots of regular events
[2009/06/28 12:33] NomadMolly Nostram: that are...well. sacred
[2009/06/28 12:33] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I've noticed :) never any harm in trying though
[2009/06/28 12:33] NomadMolly Nostram: its hard to schedule things that don't conflict
[2009/06/28 12:33] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: If you offer something good, people will come
[2009/06/28 12:34] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I think people would rather have options than to consistently repeat stuff. But we'll see if that's true :)
[2009/06/28 12:34] NomadMolly Nostram: well one of the things I want to do is expand on the noon concerts I have been broadcasting
[2009/06/28 12:34] Svigermor Dharnen: and we enjoy :)))
[2009/06/28 12:35] NomadMolly Nostram: to really get an audience, I might have to make it more publically available
[2009/06/28 12:35] NomadMolly Nostram: non-URU folks
[2009/06/28 12:35] NomadMolly Nostram: How do you folks feel about that?
[2009/06/28 12:35] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: It's totally up to you Molly :)
[2009/06/28 12:35] NomadMolly Nostram: ok
[2009/06/28 12:36] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I strive to keep an open environment for anyone from SL to come visit us and participate with us
[2009/06/28 12:36] NomadMolly Nostram: I may get actors to play the role of band members
[2009/06/28 12:36] NomadMolly Nostram: so that its very immersive
[2009/06/28 12:36] NomadMolly Nostram: I am going to talk with the manager of the RL show tomorrow
[2009/06/28 12:37] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Could be very fun. Just so we can move on, I ask that if anyone has ideas for further discussion to please contact Molly directly :)
[2009/06/28 12:37] NomadMolly Nostram: ok
[2009/06/28 12:37] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Is that alright Molly?
[2009/06/28 12:37] NomadMolly Nostram: as long as no one as any opposition
[2009/06/28 12:37] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, so, next on this list is fun and gadgetry, unless there are any other points about land issues and policies?
[2009/06/28 12:38] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Firstly
[2009/06/28 12:38] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Our planner's leader has fallen out of comission for an indeterminate amount of time
[2009/06/28 12:39] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We'd like to begin interviewing people to fill in for Eleri while she's unavailable. If you're interested, or know of a friend who is interested, please have them, or you, contact me :)
[2009/06/28 12:39] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: I'll setup an interview and we'll see where it goes from there
[2009/06/28 12:40] DeAnn Dufaux: what does Eleri do?
[2009/06/28 12:40] DeAnn Dufaux: what's the requirements?
[2009/06/28 12:40] DeAnn Dufaux: (I can't but I'm sure others have questions)
[2009/06/28 12:41] DeAnn Dufaux: too much on my plate at least for awhile
[2009/06/28 12:41] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Eleri is here to plan and coordinate events. The requirements would be an organized person, who can handle creating and running events. Any additional publicity (signs, sending notices) could possibly be covered by Tai, unless you feel confident in what you know how to do
[2009/06/28 12:42] Svigermor Dharnen: and i'm in for gathering EU ppl so we can join some of itt DeAnn
[2009/06/28 12:42] NomadMolly Nostram: I'm happy to work closely wiht this person, but I couldn't handle the entire job
[2009/06/28 12:42] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So, the date of today also means that it's the end of June, which also means a new sparklie will be out soon!
[2009/06/28 12:42] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: New hints will come late on July 1st, or early July 2nd
[2009/06/28 12:43] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: the sparkly will be changing at midnight SLT on the last day of the month
[2009/06/28 12:43] Svigermor Dharnen: remembere this time plz i dont get any of th hints
[2009/06/28 12:44] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Normally the end of the month, would also be a transition to the new journey, but we're taking a bit of a break for a while and creating the summer journey
[2009/06/28 12:44] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: it will run from July 15th to August 31st
[2009/06/28 12:44] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: it will also feature the residents
[2009/06/28 12:45] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Also, on July 4th, we'll be having a 4th of July picnic with music provided by D'niJ Ktahdn
[2009/06/28 12:45] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: This week will also feature a playdate on Thursday, details to be announced (I'm thinking heek?)
[2009/06/28 12:46] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: And after this meeting, there will be a Guild of Healers meet and green on their parcel. SLURL located in today's agenda
[2009/06/28 12:46] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: A proposed event is also in planning
[2009/06/28 12:46] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: a day with NO tping or flying throughout the sim to see how our new ferry system works, and how the other forms of transport help it function
[2009/06/28 12:47] Ghaelen Winnikow: now THAT will be fun
[2009/06/28 12:47] DeAnn Dufaux: I rode the ferry here from my place. : )
[2009/06/28 12:47] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Originally, my intention and hopes was to turn fly off permanently on the main parcel
[2009/06/28 12:47] Ruby Glenfadden: wonderful
[2009/06/28 12:47] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We'll experiment with it on that day, and may make it a recurring event until we stop hearing the screams of lost explorers stuck in weird places, or drowning under water because there's no way out :)
[2009/06/28 12:48] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Once we get to that point, I believe we'll consider a vote to make a final choice
[2009/06/28 12:48] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: The final choice be mostly noflying, but on days for the event, I think restrictive teleports would be fun as well :)
[2009/06/28 12:49] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: More details on that later
[2009/06/28 12:49] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Any other points about fun and gadgetry today?
[2009/06/28 12:50] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, moving on
[2009/06/28 12:50] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So, summing things up, we developed a lot lately, and events are going strong and in large quantities
[2009/06/28 12:50] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We're still working on some points that people have requested, and hope to always remain working on things too :)
[2009/06/28 12:51] NomadMolly Nostram: my compliments to the team, the builds are looking great!
[2009/06/28 12:51] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Other than that, things continue to go well in Eder D'Uru, with little disturbances here or there
[2009/06/28 12:51] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Thank you for attending today everyone! I'm glad it was a short meeting :) See you next week! Remember, read over the covenant and bring discussion points next week!
[2009/06/28 12:51] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Meeting Adjourned!


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