Guild Meeting - 7/18/09

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Guild Meeting - 7/18/09

Post by Tai'lahr » Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:15 pm

*Chatlog can be found at the end of the post.

JeffeJ5005 Lewis, Council Leader
Dagda Sideways, GoBuilders Guild Master
Tailahr Winnikow, GoPublicists Guild Master
DeAnn Dufaux, Resident
Genny7 Markus, Resident
Ghaelen Winnikow, Resident
Krell Kruh, Resident
Nonlinear Tarantal, Resident
Svigermor Dharnen, Resident
Wyn Low, Resident
Alderem Saphir, Roomie

* Jeff Lewis announced, "We have a nexus now!"
All linking book podiums in the sim are now linking to the new nexus and explorers will need to wear their KI in order to use it. Adding links is just like in Uru: click the KI symbol next to the book on the stand. There currently is no default link (exit) within the nexus, so users should register at least one link before entering. Although there are alternative modes of travel within the cavern (ferry, walking, etc.), visitors will be encouraged to have a KI when exploring Eder D'Uru.
There will soon be an option for residents to have their own nexus podium with a choice of making it private or public. Also, the building team is considering adding a private category for each resident. Minkata will not be accessible through the nexus, but a linking book to it will be placed in the new library currently under construction.
Users who encounter any problems with the nexus should contact Nadnerb Tebaldi or JeffeJ5005 Lewis.

* Jeff hinted that there will be additional new uses for the KI coming in the next month or two.

* The Summer Journey is expected to be released this week (see below).

* Ghaelen Winnikow announced that the Guild of Healers will be holding a special weekend session of the regular mediations this Sunday to gauge interest in holding sessions on weekends (see below).
[2009/07/19 12:07] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Shorah
[2009/07/19 12:08] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: So, welcome to the meeting everyone
[2009/07/19 12:08] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: As usual, this meeting will be chatlogged for reference and will be available sometime after the meeting
[2009/07/19 12:09] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: As you can see by the agenda, we don't have very much today, so it should be a quick meeting, but the lack of stuff doesn't mean a lot isn't going on
[2009/07/19 12:10] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: As for the island from us, we're still chipping away at the island prim by prim. The best way to find out what's new, is to just explore!
[2009/07/19 12:11] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Ok, moving on to land issues and policies
[2009/07/19 12:11] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We have a nexus now!
[2009/07/19 12:12] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: all linking book podiums in the sim are now linking you to the new nexus
[2009/07/19 12:12] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: of course, it is a nexus, so you need to wear your KI in order to use it
[2009/07/19 12:12] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: To add a link to your nexus, juts click the KI symbol next to the book to add it to your nexus links
[2009/07/19 12:12] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: If you link in without a KI, there isn't currently a linking book to get you out
[2009/07/19 12:14] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: There will be an alternative to the nexus for linking around (to an extent) but it is encouraged you have a KI when exploring the sim. New things that will require the KI may be coming in the next month or two
[2009/07/19 12:14] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: The nexus is also "in-testing" so if you find something wrong with it, please don't hesitate to report the incident to myself or Nadnerb
[2009/07/19 12:15] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: There will also be the option for residents to have a nexus podium on or near their land
[2009/07/19 12:15] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: it will either be in a resident category, only available to other residents, or in the public category
[2009/07/19 12:15] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We're thinking of adding an additional private category for each individual
[2009/07/19 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: There will be an alternate link to Minkata however in the library that is being built :)
[2009/07/19 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, so... moving on :)
[2009/07/19 12:18] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Our last category, fun and gadgetry
[2009/07/19 12:19] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: The summer journey is expected to be complete sometime this week
[2009/07/19 12:20] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: The book club continues to read, though this will be the last week for Dagda for a while as we are headed to Mysterium, and will be away for some time after that as well
[2009/07/19 12:21] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: We'll have more news next week about what Mysterium means for the sim
[2009/07/19 12:21] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Continuing meditations are being held with the GoH on their retreat every wednesday
[2009/07/19 12:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: The D'ni language class starts August 6th, and guild meetings continue every week
[2009/07/19 12:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: The guild meeting will not be held August 2nd as that weekend is Mysterium
[2009/07/19 12:22] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: But they will resume afterward
[2009/07/19 12:23] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Are there any questions or concerns about fun and gadgetry?
[2009/07/19 12:23] Ghaelen Winnikow: no question, just one addition
[2009/07/19 12:23] Ghaelen Winnikow: The GoH will likely have an additional meditation session this coming weekend
[2009/07/19 12:24] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Anything else anyone would like to mention today, or didnt think of/get a chance to earlier in the meeting?
[2009/07/19 12:25] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: OK, so I'll wrap things up then
[2009/07/19 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: Though we have little to share at these meetings the past few weeks, lots of stuff is going on still. It just takes a little looking or exploring to find out. We continue to all be available to help anyone out, please contact us! Lots of new things are coming our way... they're just gonna take a bit now with the summer heat and vacations this year
[2009/07/19 12:26] JeffeJ5005 Lewis: More updates about what our absence means next week! Meeting adjourned!


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