Importance of QA & QC as a Best Practice

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Re: Importance of QA & QC as a Best Practice

Post by Mac_Fife » Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:16 pm

semplerfi wrote:I would like to purpose a section devoted to “Best Practices”. If there is one buried in here sorry I could not identify it. Then again maybe this whole website is about a fair amount of “Best Practices”.
Well, not the whole website, but this section (Standards For Discussion & Debate) is essentially about developing Best Practices, with the primary focus being online debate: That has taken in several aspects, such how an individual's conduct or posting style influence the "quality" of the discussion, problems of moderation (or lack of it), etc.

In many respects, your thread here has served the purpose you set out, which is to establish that Quality Control is, at least in some degree, a "requirement". The next stage is probably to start trying to flesh that out from a general concept into a more specific set of principles that we can use and other sites may choose to adopt or tailor. It's the output from that process that we'd transfer onto the wiki, and I'm usually around to help with that side of things.

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