OpenSIM for OSGrid - Install

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OpenSIM for OSGrid - Install

Post by Nalates » Sat Feb 13, 2010 6:21 pm

I'm using OSGrid to mean the unique grid operated by OSGrid as part of the Hypergrid.

Installing OpenSIM on Windows for OSGrid
The OSGrid forums have good information on working with OpenSIM on all platforms. The thread I'm linking to is for Windows XP, Viata, and 7.

See the newer post: Getting OpenSim on the Internet-Grid. You can use the tutorials linked to there for setting up your home SIM too.
These instructions below can help. They are out of date as of now 3/26/10.

[HOW-TO] Install Step X Step on Windows Platforms +

I have seen simpler instructions, however as one advances and wants to do more with OpenSIM the simple instructions have one setup for some problems. I'm going to have redo my install once more before I can share my private SIM. :( But, there is lots I want to play with and change, so I would like have to re-install any way.

I suggest starting with the more advanced setup provided by WhiteStar Magic - Jan 6, 2010.
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