Hypergrid - A Longer Definition

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Hypergrid - A Longer Definition

Post by Nalates » Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:09 pm

I came across a blog post defining the hypergrid...

Hypergrid 101: Why its good for business by Maria Korolov
Maria Korolov wrote:According to University of California at Irvine professor Crista Lopes, a hypergrid is a like that three-dimension chess set that Spock plays on Star Trek. Every individual chess board is a grid. The squares on the chess boards are the regions in the grid. And when pieces move from one chess board to another, this is like hypergrid teleporting from one grid to another.

But say you don’t watch Star Trek, and don’t play three dimensional chess.

Here is another explanation of the hypergrid.

A single grid is like a website. Every company can have its own, on its own domain. A website is a flat page, and grid is a map that you can put buildings on, create mountains and valleys, walk around in, interact with other people in it, and interact with the environment.
I guess the assumption there is one understands what a grid is...

OpenSIM simulators create an area of land that is typically 256x256m. Coordinates define locations within this area. Coordinates typically define a grid. Just as the earth has a latitude and longitude grid so too do virtual worlds. Uru has polar coordinates and so too is a grid.

Rather than refer to a single simulator region as a grid SL and OS type folks define a grid as all of a hosting companies regions as a grid. So the thousands of simulators/regions in SL are referred to as the SL Grid. OSGrid is another hosting company that provides regions. All those using the OSGrid service are part of that grid. Open Life has its grid and on and on.

The Hypergrid might be thought of as a confederation of grids with the means to travel from one to another. In software terms it may be thought of as the mechanism or system that allows one to get from one grid, say SL, to another, say Open Life.

How to Hypergrid
Now that one knows what it is... how does one get on it? Read Maria Korolov's How to hypergrid.
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