Second Life - Another Viewpoint

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Second Life - Another Viewpoint

Post by Nalates » Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:28 pm

I like Gwyneth Llewelyn's writing. She has the history and experience with Second Life to see changes and pick up on abstractions. Getting those into words is something she does well. This article presents some new ways of looking at SL and their technology. She makes some good caparisons to SL with

Speculative Splitting

The interesting thing she points out is that the virtual world SL and Linden Lab, the owners/developers, are actually 3 companies in one. The software and development company creating the viewer and server software, the service company providing the hosting services (computers and network) and licensing simulator software for use with the SL grid, and the third would be the grid operations company running and supporting the SL grid. Which seems to separate the tasks into logical groupings.

She puts forth different ideas for business models possible in different grids. A long but interesting read.
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