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How To Submit Project Applications

Post by admin » Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:50 pm

Preliminary Project Application

This application is a work in progress.

Project applications will need to provide the following information for the resources they need. PM well-formatted info to admin.
  • Project
    • Project ID: One-word name used for subdomain, resource identification, folders, etc.
    • Brief Description
    • Project Leaders: Responsible for entire project and assigning other project leaders and managers
    • Project Managers: More can be added any time by project leaders (are also forum moderators)
    • Project Members: More can be added any time by project managers and interested users
  • Resources
    • Forum (phpBB) - required
      1. Concise Title
      2. Brief Description
      3. Membership: Open, Request, Closed, Hidden
      4. Visibility: Guests, Registered Members, Forum Members, Project Members, Project Managers
      5. Posting Permission: Forum Members, Project Members, Project Managers
      6. Subforums: Specify for each: Title, Description, Visibility, Posting Permissions
    • Wiki (Wikimedia) - open access; no project or application necessary
    • Project Mgt/Tracking (Foundry/JIRA) - open access; specify project name, description, admins, and developers
    • Simple Bugtracking (Mantis) - open access; specify project name, subprojects, and categories
    • Blogs (WordPress Multisite) - open access; specify project name
    • Domain (
      1. Subdomain
        • Website: Provide purpose, general plan and overview
        • FTP: One website account available per project
      2. Assets
        • FTP: One asset store available per project
      3. Database: One database available per project upon request
      4. Email: <Name>@<ProjectID> available to project leaders upon request
      5. DNS
        • CName: Provide destination, justifications for off-site server, full reproduction details, backup plan, contact info, etc.
  • Rules
    • All project assets (video, pictures, sounds) must be placed into the asset store (<ProjectID>) - no hot links
    • All website pages and project assets must be made available via links from one or more resources (limited access subforums qualify)
    • Websites should not duplicate resources already available on for community use (forums, bugtracking, wiki, etc.)
    • All material must be family-friendly
    • All material must be legal

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