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About OpenURU.org

Post by admin » Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:38 am

OpenURU.org is:
  • a fan site for Cyan Worlds' Myst universe and Open Source Uru
  • a place to explore, develop, and exchange ideas
  • a home and a resource for community projects
OpenURU.org provides:
  • forums - where each hosted project controls its own section.
  • a wiki - a virtual notepad for community collaboration, where users can create, discuss and refine each others' content. (OpenURU.org Wiki)
  • a bug tracker - a place to help development of your projects with feedback from the community. (Mantis Bug Tracker)
  • blogs - a space to document and comment on the process and progress of your project. (WordPress MU)
  • subdomains - where projects can host their own presentations with websites and other services.
  • ... more to come ...
Additional resources can be added to OpenURU.org to support projects that call OpenURU home. OpenURU is here, for you, for the community. For example, subdomains are available to host approved project websites under the OpenURU.org domain (e.g., "area51.openuru.org"). Suggestions for more resources which OpenURU could provide are warmly welcomed.

Projects interested in participating at OpenURU.org agree to abide by the OpenURU.org Hosting Agreement.

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