Purpose of Myst/Uru-Style Story Section

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Purpose of Myst/Uru-Style Story Section

Post by Dot » Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:48 pm

Myst/Uru-style stories are appearing in various worlds and venues. This section is intended to support their creators and participants.

All are welcome to contribute, provided that they keep in mind that Myst/Uru style is considered PG and kid friendly. Respect for others is key, particularly with regard to IC and OOC issues.

The forum will include both IC (in character) and OOC (out of character) material. Where possible, the titles of topics and threads will be tagged "(IC)" or "(OOC)", or "(IC/OOC)" if they involve a mixture.

OOC topics are about planning and coordination, the thinking behind storylines, the art of writing.

In IC topics, writers might respond as if they were the character they are playing. An example of an IC role-playing storyline is Developments in Devokan on the MOUL forum.

Discussing aspects of role play might involve a mix of IC/OOC thinking.

Mixing IC and OOC ideas can be confusing, particularly to those new to role play. To avoid confusion, tag individual posts or paragraphs as IC or OOC where it will help. For example, in the IC Devokan storyline thread, OOC posts or paragraphs are tagged "OOC:". Another way of indicating OOC text in IC material is to use double parentheses, like this: ((OOC text here)).

Help those new to role play understand what is going on by being clear about which material is IC and which OOC. Show how to work with conversations that mix the two. If someone forgets or is not being clear, don't be rude or yell at them; instead, respond politely, perhaps in their preferred style (clearly tagged if need be), and be a good example.


Please feel free to comment on or discuss this in the discussion thread.

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