The Great Chicken War - SL

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The Great Chicken War - SL

Post by Nalates » Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:09 am

While true and with valuable lessons... this is a funny story.

Once up on a time a guy, Sion Zaius, decided making cute little chickens would be a good thing. People would like them and treat them as pets. He made his chickens in various basic colors. To be creative he made his chickens realistic, they ate, laid eggs, and had babies. Breed a yellow chicken and a blue chicken and you got green babies. Wanting to be rich and buy lots of chocolate he decided to make his chickens so they would only eat chicken food he sold, quit the little racket.

Well, people loved the chickens. They bought lots of them. They bred exotic colors and sold whole flocks of the cute little chickens. In fact people loved the little guys so much they told their friends about them. People came to Second Life to see the little fellows. SL is the only place anyone can buy a Scion Chicken. So many people came that LL, the folks running SL, saw an up tick of memberships and a big up turn in commerce. Things were great... Scion is rumored to have made a six figure monthly income at the top of the Cool Chicken Crusade.

One morning Harriet Hatelag woke up to find she could barely move. Her world was suddenly filled with lag. Slowly pecking out a not so instant message to her landlord she loudly complained, in no uncertain terms. On receiving her complaint Tier Tycoon looked to his estate management tools and found that Charley Chicken Rancher had a flock of happily humping chickens eating up all the SIM's CPU cycles like they were corn. But what to do? Kick out a good paying tenet? What about the Governor, would he tolerate chicken rancher discrimination? While the weighty matters were being decided by lawyers and philosophers word got out and the vigilantes decided to take things into their hands. The great chicken hunts were organized sweeping the land where upon the prices of KFC stock fell through the floor, as everyone had chicken for dinner... lunch... breakfast... Well, the Chicken Ranchers were outraged. Their beloved, and expensive, chicken flocks were being unmercifully slaughtered.

Then came the poison chicken food. It looked like chicken food. The chickens liked it better than real food, sort of veggies and ice cream thing, I guess. So the poor chickens were starving to death because they would not eat right.

As griefers picked up on the controversy they realized a great opportunity to create chaos and ruin many a rancher's day and joined in organized chicken raids. Another group of griefers figuring to upstage the simple destructive griefers decided to put more chickens into selected SIM's and use up all the CPU cycles all while griefing the griefers.

It was the first horrible chicken war in Second Life.

...and the moral to the story... there is a great 5 minute video that puts it in less dramatic terms and provides an interesting viewpoint. THE PLIGHT OF THE DIGITAL CHICKEN by Patrick Davison

Catastrophic Success and Unintended Consequences would be additional lessons too.
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