Upgrade to OpenSim 0.7 Coming to OSGrid

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Upgrade to OpenSim 0.7 Coming to OSGrid

Post by Nalates » Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:59 pm

OSGrid is updating from to 0.7, which is generally in use on other OpenSim grids. OSGrid will go dark on Oct 17 for the upgrade. The grid is expected to be down for 24 or so.

The changes in version 0.7 are listed in the OpenSim 0.7 Release Notes.

In addition to the grid being down, the web site and forums will go down too. Not only is software being upgraded the hardware is also being upgraded. Everything OSGrid is going down.

Backup Everything
Region owners need to backup their regions. Be sure to have both an OAR backup and backup your database (SQLite or MySQL).

Also they are advising everyone to have an Inventory backup. From the SIM console one can use SAVE IAR to backup inventory.

Example of the command: save iar Nalates Urriah "/*" password Nalates.iar

I have just over 4,000 items in Inventory. It took something over two hours to complete the backup. (I didn't pay much attention - start and forget.)

This may be a bumpy upgrade. They say they have not been able to test this version as they have 0.6.9 versions because the 0.7 series, while running on other OpenSim grids, was not adopted by OSGrid until now. Also, OSGrid is the largest grid and will provide far more variations and user situations to stress the software.

Also, the INI files change. So, the change over will take some effort to move your simulators to the new version. They are putting up examples. So, we should be able to make changes and bring our regions up when OSGrid comes up.
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