KNOWLEDGE: KI General Information and Usage

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KNOWLEDGE: KI General Information and Usage

Post by OHB » Mon Apr 05, 2010 6:57 pm

Description: Add knowledge about the KI, it's features and uses.

Status: Not Started

  • Open/close the KI, get your KI number and current hood membership, and chat using public/private messaging.
  • List of places you can use the KI and how. (Nexus, City, Decent, GZ)
  • KI Settings
  • Add/remove buddies, find avatars in lists, locate avatar KI numbers.
  • Take pictures and captions and how to delete pictures.
  • Create/edit/delete journal entries.
  • Organize pictures/journal entries in folders/KI storage limitations.
  • Send/receive pictures/journal entries.
  • Get markers for red/green/yellow marker missions.
  • Receive/play/delete marker games.
  • Create marker games.
  • Activate/read the KI coordinates.
  • Known history and past-use of the KI
Note: This project does not cover how to use the Nexus or Great Zero, how to change hood membership, how to play marker games, etc. This is strictly to cover the use of the KI.

Project Lead: None. If you are interested in taking up this project, please let me know!

If you are interested in contributing, please reply to this thread and wait to be contacted.


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