FEATURE: English/D'ni Translator

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FEATURE: English/D'ni Translator

Post by OHB » Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:16 pm

Description: Enable translation between D'ni and English.

Status: In Progress

  • Compile list of known D'ni words and their English equivalents. (in progress)
  • Compile list of known D'ni phrases and their English equivalents. (not started)
  • Implement a D'ni number converter. (not started)
  • Implement a D'ni word modifier to utilize D'ni prefixes and suffixes and their English equivalents. (not started)
  • Implement a D'ni verb conjugation. (not started)
  • ??? (to be determined)
  • Test translation (not started)
  • Begin Public BETA Test (not started)
  • Create mechanism for adding new words and phrases to the translator as they become available. (not started)
  • Attach translator to a public website for translations out of the cavern. (not started)
Project Lead: Ian Watson (#84841)

If you are interested in contributing, please reply to this thread and wait to be contacted.


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